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Many cats love to be outdoors, but it’s not safe for them or for birds and other small animals to let cats wander. Enter catios (patios for cats), which offer cats a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine, and a pleasant view, all from the safety of an enclosed structure. It’s like a vacation beach house for your feline friends—and you know they deserve it.

A catio can be as big or small as your living space, budget, and imagination allow. It can be a small enclosure that juts out of an apartment or a larger structure built from the ground up. Any way you build it, your cat will love you for it forever.

Cities like Santa Cruz, California, and Seattle are even giving catio tours. They’re that awesome!

How do you build one of these ingenious structures? If you have carpentry skills, you can DIY. (This book of catio designs can assist you.) Or you can buy pre-made modular structures from mom-and-pop companies such as Habitat Haven, Cages By Design, or Safe Kitty. Also check out helpful sites like Catio Designs and Catio Showcase. Just be sure to keep a watchful eye on your cats when they’re in the catio, make sure that they always have fresh water and shade, and never leave them outside in hot or cold temperatures or bad weather.

Need some inspiration? Here are some impressive catios that guardians all over the world have built for their beloved companions:

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