Published by PETA.

You don’t have to leave your principles behind when you go away this summer. Here are some tips to help you have a good time on vacation—but not at animals’ expense:

1. Enjoy Animal-Friendly Attractions: Marine parks, zoos, and other animal exhibits aren’t fun for captive animals. Avoid these deadly destination spots like you’d avoid poison ivy. Instead, visit a sanctuary for rescued farmed animals, go to an animal-free circus like Cirque du Soleil, book an eco-tour, or simply take a trip to the beach or botanical gardens.

2. Bring Your Appetite Along: A vacation is a great opportunity to savor new vegetarian cuisine. If you’re traveling abroad and are concerned about a language barrier, pack a Vegan Passport, a passport-size booklet explaining in 56 languages that you want a cruelty-free vegetarian meal.

3. Go Road-Tripping With Rover: Your dog likely gets left behind when you go to work or school. Spend some quality time together on the road. Just don’t fly Fido in an airplane cargo hold—it’s too dangerous. Click here for tips on what to bring on a road-trip and how to keep your best buddy safe and comfy. Check out more tips on traveling with Rover on DivineCaroline.

4. Be a Hero Everywhere You Go: Stray and abused animals don’t get to take a break from suffering, so please don’t take a vacation from helping them. Before you depart on your journey, visit for a list of law enforcement agencies, veterinarians, and animal protection organizations near your destination. Pack a small rescue kit, including a pop-top can of cat food, dog treats, and a leash. Take stray animals to a reputable shelter or have them checked out by a local veterinarian and bring them home with you, if possible.

5. Save Animals While Saving Money: For the best rates on hotels, cruises, and tour packages, join the free PETA Member Advantage Program™. All purchases made through the program result in a donation to PETA. Bon voyage!

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