St. Paul, Minnesota

October 28, 2009

Dogs may be tethered only for eight cumulative hours total in a 24-hour period, with certain intervals off the tether required. Certain conditions must also be met when dogs are tethered.

Sec. 200.16. Collars, leashes, tie outs.

(a) Collars. Collars may not exceed two (2) pounds in weight and must be made of durable material strong enough to hold the dog it is intended for. No collars are to be used other than for humane restraint. Collars may not be equipped with any type of sharp prongs on the inside of the collar or weighted devices that may cause injury or discomfort to the animal’s neck. Blunt pronged training collars are permitted if properly fitted and unaltered from the manufactured design.

(b) Leashes. Leashes must not exceed six (6) feet in length and may not exceed four (4) pounds in total weight.

(c) Chains, kennels, tethers and tie outs. Chains, tethers or tie outs must be at least three (3) times the length of the animal secured to it and may not exceed ten (10) pounds in total weight. Tie outs must be of durable material, strong enough to hold the animal it is intended for. Any animal secured with a tie out must be so in an area that would not allow the animal to become tangled around objects while allowing access to shelter and water. Tie outs must be placed in such a location as to inhibit the animal secured from reaching a public sidewalk, street or alley. The tie out must not allow the secured animal access to any neighboring property unless written permission has been obtained from the property owner. Animals restrained by a chain, tether, or other tie out device shall not be secured to any stationary object for more than two (2) consecutive hours, with at least a two-hour rest or relief period between each chaining, and no more than four (4) two-hour chaining periods in a twenty-four-hour period. Kennels and pulley/cable run systems shall be exempt from the two-hour restriction provided that:

(1) The length of the pulley system is at least twelve (12) feet, and the attached tether has a swivel at both ends;

(2) The height of the pulley system is mounted at least seven (7) feet above the ground;

(3) The space provided inside the kennel is at least thirty-two (32) square feet;

(4) At least one-third of the kennel floor must be made of solid material to provide relief from the ground conditions in inclement weather and the kennel must also provide proper shelter pursuant to Minn. Stat. § 343.30.

(5) The animal or animals confined or secured to a kennel or pulley system, are not confined in it or to it for more than ten (10) consecutive hours in a twenty-four-hour period.

“Stationary object” shall include, but not be limited to, a tree, embedded stake, pole or post, a house, garage, dog house, or other structure or railing.

“Solid material” shall mean cement, brick, durable plastic, or other suitable material other than wood.

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