Pottstown, Pennsylvania

§ 204 Shelter Standards.

All animals kept outdoors must have access to weatherproof shelter as prescribed below:

A. Animals shall be provided with access to a shelter which protects them against inclement weather, keeps them dry and allows them to preserve a normal body temperature. Animals shall be provided with a house or structure that is in good repair and complies with the following requirements:

(1) The house or structure shall have a roof and at least three enclosed sides;

(2) It shall be of a suitable size to accommodate the animal in both standing and lying positions;

(3) It shall be moisture-proof, windproof, ventilated, and in cold temperatures shall promote the retention of body heat;

(4) It shall be made of durable material with a solid, moisture-proof floor raised at least two inches from the ground;

(5) It shall have a significant quantity of suitable clean bedding material consisting of hay, straw, cedar shavings or the equivalent to provide insulation and protection against cold and dampness;

(6) All animals must be afforded one or more separate areas of shade large enough to accommodate the entire body of the animal at one time and protect it from the direct rays of the sun;

(7) Drinking water must be available in a clean, liquid state. Snow or ice is not an acceptable water source;

(8) The house or similar structure and the surrounding area shall be free from excessive dirt, trash, and waste. Tethering that does not allow an animal to defecate or urinate in an area separate from an area where it must, eat, drink, or lie down is prohibited;

(9) Use of leashes or leads shall contain a swivel or be attached to a swivel and shall be placed and attached so that the animal cannot become entangled with the leash or lead of other animals or another object;

(10) The lead shall be a type commonly used for the size and type of animal involved and shall be attached to the animal by means of a well-fitted buckle-type collar. The lead shall be at least three times the length of the animal as measured from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail, but no less than 15 feet in length, and shall allow the animal convenient access to the house or structure;

(11) It shall be prohibited to put a heavy chain around an animal’s neck, tie an animal using a huge logging chain, and/or put any kinds of weights on it, including but not limited to weight vests, weighted collars, and weighted harnesses. A tether that weighs more than 1/8 of the animal’s body weight is prohibited;

(12) It shall be prohibited to secure an unattended animal using aversive collars, inclusive of but not limited to prong, pinch, and choke chain collars;

(13) No animal may be housed on a temporary or permanent basis in any shelter constructed of uninsulated metal;

(14) In severe weather conditions of high winds and/or heavy rains or frozen precipitation with temperatures above 32° F., houses or similar structure shall have a windbreak at the entrance;

(15) In extreme cold temperatures, if the temperature falls below 32° F., animals may not be left outside for more than a half hour;

(16) In extreme heat temperatures, if the temperature rises above 90° F., animals may not be left outside for more than a half hour.

(17) Any animal confined within an outdoor enclosure/pen for more than two hours must have adequate space to exercise. A minimum of 100 square feet is required for any animal. Dogs over 80 pounds must have an additional 50 square feet. An additional 50 square feet is required for each additional dog kept within the same enclosed area. The area must be maintained in a sanitary condition and be free from debris or stored material.

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