Randolph County, North Carolina

Sec. 3. Animal services

  1. Tethering dogs

    1. It shall be unlawful to tether a dog(s) as a regular method of keeping the dog(s) on the
    Owner’s property.

    2. Owners may tether a dog(s) for a reasonable period of time to allow for waste

    3. Owners may tether a dog(s) on a runner for a reasonable period of time that allows
    the dog(s) to exercise.

    4. The provisions of paragraphs 2 and 3 above notwithstanding, it shall be unlawful for
    a dog to be tethered twenty-four (24) hours a day.

    5. Owners may only tether their dog(s) for reasons other than those set out in paragraphs
    2 and 3 above or for extended periods in emergency situations or under extreme
    extenuating circumstances. Owners should be prepared to explain these
    circumstances to Animal Services.

    6. If an Owner chooses to tether an animal in accordance with the provisions of this
    Section, the following requirements and standards (Proper Tethering) will apply:

    a. Animals must wear a specifically manufactured and properly fitted collar or
    harness. A leash or lead may not be attached directly to the animal’s neck in
    place of a manufactured collar or harness. Chain, choke, or prong collars are not
    allowed during the tethering of an animal.

    b. A tether shall be equipped with a swivel on both ends.

    c. A tether shall be a minimum of ten (10) feet in length and shall be made of either
    metal or coated steel cable. Ropes, bridles, belts, or cords may not be used as a
    device to secure an animal.

    d. The weight of the tether shall not exceed ten percent (10%) of the animal’s weight
    but shall be of sufficient strength to prevent breakage.

    e. The tether, by design and placement, shall allow the animal a reasonable and
    unobstructed range of motion without the possibility of entanglement,
    strangulation, or other injury. The tether shall allow access to adequate food,
    water, and shelter.

    f. Pully systems, running lines, and trolley systems may be used in conjunction with
    a tether.

    g. An Animal Control Officer may, in his/her discretion, order a more restrictive
    tethering requirement if circumstances require and if it is not detrimental to the
    health, safety and welfare of the animal.

    h. An electronic confinement system is acceptable if the equipment is properly
    installed and maintained in continuous working order, and the animal being
    contained wears the appropriate electronic collar when within the system

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