Nassau County, Florida

June 2018

Unattended tethering is not permitted. Attended tethering is permitted under certain conditions.

Sec. 6-54. – Animal care and animal cruelty.
(i) The unsupervised, unattended outdoor tethering of a dog or cat is prohibited except as provided herein:
(1) The owner or responsible person must be outside with the dog or cat. The dog or cat must be in visible range of the owner or responsible party.
(2) The tether must be attached to the dog or cat by a properly applied, buckle-type nylon or leather collar, or halter or harness, with a swivel hook, and configured so as to protect the animal from injury and death and prevent entanglement with other objects and/or animals. Welded metal chain link or logging chains and vehicle tow chains may not be used to tether an animal.
(3) The tether shall not be attached to a stationary object or trolley at a point or location that would allow the animal to extend the tether over a fence or other object or edge in such manner that could result in the strangulation of or injury to the animal.
(4) The foregoing provisions regarding tethering do not apply to dogs or cats participating in or attending an organized show, field trials, or sanctioned events.
(5) The animal, while restrained by tether, is able to access shelter to protect the animal from the weather, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight; and is able to access adequate water and adequate food.
(6) A tethered dog or cat must be at least six (6) months in age and free of illness and injury.
(7) The provisions of subsection (1) above, do not apply to dogs that are kept or used for a bona fide farm operation on lands classified as agricultural pursuant to F.S. § 193.461 [cf. sections 163.3162(3)(a), and F.S. § 823.14(6); see definitions of “farm,” “farm operation,” and “farm product” at F.S. § 823.14(3)(a), (b), and (c)].
(8) Multiple dogs must be tethered separately. Dogs may not share running lines or be near enough to each other that they may become entangled.
(9) Tethering regulations only apply to dogs and/or cats.
(10) It shall be unlawful for any person to cause, procure or inflict cruelty to or upon animals, whether or not such cruelty results in severe injury or death. It shall be considered causing, procuring, and/or inflicting cruelty, if the following occurs: Carrying any animal in or upon any vehicle in an inhumane way so as not to provide for the protection, safety and comfort of the animal being carried in conformance with federal, state and county requirements including, but not limited to, an animal which is enclosed in a vehicle and showing signs of hyperthermia.

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