Lower Township, New Jersey

§ 166-1 Howling or barking dogs; leash law; property damage; restraint of dogs; violations and penalties.

(E) Chaining or Tethering of Dogs: Dogs must be able to move freely when chained or tethered and shall be confined for a period no greater than nine hours within a twenty-four hour period. The size of the tether or chain must be a minimum of 15 linear feet and shall remain tangle free. Dogs must be equipped with properly fitting harness or buckle type collar. The tether or chain shall be constructed of lightweight cable. A doghouse shall be accessible to dogs that are chained or tethered.

No dog shall be chained or tethered outside for more than 30 minutes after sunset or before sunrise. When chaining or tethering dogs, individuals shall strictly adhere to the prohibitions contained within § 166-1G(1) and (2).

F. Extreme weather. In extreme weather below 32° and above 90° and in major storms where evacuation is recommended, all outdoor dogs and indoor/outdoor cats (with the exception of feral cats) must be brought indoors whether tethered or kenneled, unless the kennel is heated or air conditioned in accordance with the safety code. Indoors will include any area of the residence and shall conform to the above temperature specifications and must be adequately ventilated.

G. Prohibited activities and treatment. The following specific acts are declared to be prohibited activities and treatment directed towards animals, but said enumeration shall not be deemed to be exclusive:

(1) No owner, caretaker, guardian or handler shall withhold proper shelter, protection from weather, veterinary care and immune care to any animal. No owner, caretaker, guardian or handler shall fail to provide his or her animal with sufficient food and drinkable water on a daily basis. Food and water must be in animal food-consumption- or water-consumption-type container, feeder or waterer.

(2) No animal shall be subjected to unnecessary suffering and cruelty such as subjecting the animal to prolonged fear, injury, pain or physical abuse. Interaction with humans and other animals shall not be unreasonably withheld. Any individual, currently licensed by the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners to practice veterinary medicine, who is acting within his or her scope of practice to deliver acceptable and medically sound veterinary care to an animal, shall be exempt from this subsection.

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