Dutchess County, New York

August 12, 2019

Dogs younger than 6 months of age may not be tethered. Dogs may not be tethered in adverse weather or for longer than 12 hours in any 24-hour period.

The following provisions shall regulate the usage of tethers and the conditions surrounding when
a canine may be tethered:
(a) Tethers:
(1) A tether shall be properly fitted and attached to the canine with a buckle type collar or
a body harness. Such collar or body harness shall be made of a non-metal such as nylon
or leather that is at least one inch wide.
(2) A tether shall not utilize a choke collar, pinch type collar, or attached weights.
(3) A tether’s length shall be whichever length is longer, longer than ten feet or five times
the length of the canine’ s body as measured from the tip of the nose to the base of the
(4) A tether shall connect at both ends with a swivel, weigh less than 1/10th of the canine’s
weight and be free of tangles.
(5) If the canine is tethered to a pulley, running line, trolley, or cable system, it shall be a
minimum of fifteen (15) feet long, less than seven (7) feet above the ground.
(6) A tether shall allow the canine to move in an area not less than 125 sq ft.
(7) A tether shall restrain the canine to the property.
(b) While a canine is tethered the following provisions shall be met:
(1) The canine shall be at least six (6) months old.
(2) The canine shall have access to shade, water, and dry ground.
(3) The canine shall not be tethered during a Weather Alert.
(4) The canine shall not be tethered in any weather that poses an adverse risk to the health
and safety of such canine based on the breed, age or physical condition.
(5) The canine shall not have any known medical or behavioral condition that could be
exacerbated by tethering.
(6) A canine shall not be tethered for longer than twelve (12) hours per twenty-four (24)
hour period. If a canine is tethered between sunset and sunrise the surrounding area
must be well lit.
(7) If tethered for more than two (2) consecutive hours the canine shall have access to
(8) If there are multiple canines, each must be tethered separately or on a separate pulley,
running line, trolley, or cable system.
(9) A canine shall be free of cruel, inhumane or dangerous conditions at all times including
but not limited to:
i. Exposure to animal waste, garbage, noxious odors or objects that could injure or
kill a canine;
ii. Exposure to taunting, prodding, provoking, hitting, harassing, threatening or
otherwise harming a tethered canine;
iii. Potential attack by other animals;
iv. Objects that could cause a canine to become entangled.

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