Belmont, California

  • City Code outlines a differential licensing program for dogs and cats, as follows: unaltered dogs $21 ($.50 toward Animal Population Trust Fund), unaltered cats $11, spayed/neutered dogs $11, spayed/neutered cats $6.
  • Having unaltered animals also requires that a breeding permit be obtained for $25.
  • Guardians of unaltered animals are required to pay higher redemption fees when their animals are impounded at shelters. The impound charge is $20 for a spayed/neutered animal and is $40 for an unaltered animal ($30/$60 if an animal is not licensed). Each time impounded, the fee increases: second offense, $30/$60, third offense $90/$100, fourth offense $120/$140 and fifth offense and up $150/$170.
  • If an animal is impounded twice in a three-year period, he or she will be sterilized before being released back to the guardian.

Article IA, Sec. 5-27.5 (a) No person shall own or harbor … any cat or dog over the age of six (6) months … has not been spayed or neutered, unless such person holds either a license to keep an unaltered dog or cat or license and permit for breeding cats or dogs issued by San Mateo County Animal Control Services. (b) A license shall be issued for an unaltered dog or cat if the owner signs a written statement that such animal will not be allowed to breed unless the owner has first obtained a breeding permit.

Article IA, Sec. 5-27.6 (d)(4) Any permit holder advertising to the public the availability of any animal for adoption or sale must prominently display the permit number in any publications in which they advertise. Further, the permit number must be provided to any person adopting or purchasing any animal bred by the permit holder.

Article IA, Sec. 5-27.7(d) Prior to release for adoption, any animal adopted from any animal welfare agency shall be spayed or neutered.

Article IA, Sec. 5-27.8(a) Any permit issued pursuant to section 5-27.6 be revoked if the animal control officer has reasonable cause to believe any of the following to be true: … (3) The permittee has failed to comply with any condition or requirement of the permit or has failed to pay any fee imposed under this Code.

Article IA, Sec. 5-27.9, Penalty for violation. (1) A fine not to exceed $100 for a first violation. (2) A fine … $200 for a second violation within one year. (3) A fine … $500 for each additional violation within the same year.

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