Whistleblower: Injured Chicks Left to Suffer Overnight at Wayne Farms, Before Being Ground Up Alive

An insider reports that injured chicks were left to suffer at Wayne Farms. Find out how to help the billions of animals killed for food in the U.S. each year.

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Deaths Swept Under the Rug for Nuggets: PETA Exposes Fast-Food Supplier’s Massive Chick Hatchery

PETA’s investigator picked up a smashed egg with a tiny bird’s body inside it, and the head rolled out onto the table. Read the investigator’s harrowing firsthand account now.

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First-of-Its-Kind PETA Video: Workers Tear Live Animals Apart, Throw Them Away in Florida’s Stone Crab Industry

PETA’s video reveals the cruelest catch—fishers tear the claws off live stone crabs and throw them back into the water to die. Take action now!

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PETA Exposes Systemic Suffering at U.S.’ Largest Duck Company: Day-Old Birds Ground Up Alive

Roast duck and down pillows start at places like Maple Leaf Farms. PETA’s blowing the lid off the “humane meat” industry one undercover investigation at a time.

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Aging Elephants With Swollen Feet, Toenail Problems Exploited at Circus World Museum

A PETA investigator documented that at Circus World, elephants with apparent foot and joint issues were forced to perform tricks in shows.

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Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

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BREAKING: Pet Store Supplier With Former Ties to SeaWorld Deprives Dying Animals of Care

An eyewitness discovered animals struggling to breathe, paralyzed, and left for dead at a Petland supplier. Take action and tell Petland to stop selling animals!

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Auction Block or Chopping Block? For These Animals Being Sold Like Furniture, It’s One and the Same (PETA Video Exposé)

The Shelby Alternative Livestock Auction is hell on Earth for animals, including a baby goat who was slammed into the side of a pen.

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Desperate Dogs Warehoused by Breeder Who Mutilates Their Puppies

Video: Cold, frantic dogs pace and run around in circles, confined to barren outdoor pens 24/7, and the breeder disfigures their puppies. Help stop this!

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PETA Asia Exposes Louis Vuitton Owner: Workers Inflate Live Snakes to Make Leather

A PETA Asia investigation reveals snakes’ agonizing deaths in Indonesia to make leather purses and shoes for Louis Vuitton’s parent company—help stop this!

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BREAKING: You Saw NIH Fund Beagle Tests—See PETA Video of a Puppy Factory Farm Selling to Labs for 50 Years

Video: Thousands of beagle dogs and puppies are confined to barren kennels and cages 24/7 at a factory farm that sells them for experimentation. Help them today!

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PETA Asia Exposes Live-Export Cruelty: Australian Cattle Butchered Alive

A PETA Asia exposé shows cattle from Australia’s live-export industry butchered for leather while they thrash, kick, and blink—are you wearing their skin?

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BREAKING: Pig Farm Workers Cut Off Piglets’ Tails and Yank Out Their Testicles

A whistleblower saw workers at Nippon Ham, Japan’s leading pork producer, slam piglets into the floor, inject them with surface disinfectant, and leave them to die.

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Turkeys Stomped on, Punched, and Left to Die at ‘Humane’ Farms Supplying Top Grocers

Video filmed at “humane” farms shows workers viciously punching, throwing, and stomping on slaughterhouse-bound turkeys. Urge Whole Foods to stop misleading people!

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Killer Conditions: New PETA Asia Live-Animal Market Video Draws Global Attention

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Asia’s deadly live-animal markets are open for business, creating a living hell for animals and putting humans at risk of the next pandemic.

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PETA Asia Exposé: Chickens Stuffed Into Plastic Bags, Left to Suffocate for Mayo

After a PETA Asia exposé into Miyapo, reportedly a Kewpie egg supplier, showed that birds were being dropped two stories and put in bags to suffocate, PETA is demanding change.

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