5 Shocking GIFs That Duck Farms Would Never Want You to See

Did you know that to forage for food, sea ducks dive to a depth of up to 65 feet? Or that ducks can fly up to 60 mph? Or that these birds are meticulously clean animals? Clearly, ducks are amazing individuals. And just like humans and other animals, they don’t want to be killed for food or used for any other reason. So if you still eat their flesh, we invite you be more like ducks: Dive deep into the dark, twisted world of duck farming and clean up your act: Discover five reasons why eating ducks should never fly with you.

  1. Another ‘Humane Meat’ Claim Is Debunked

A whistleblower who worked at Culver Duck Farms—the second-largest duck slaughterer in the U.S., which boasts that it’s the only one that’s “American Humane Certified”—described to PETA how ducks’ throats were slit while they were conscious and how live birds were buried under a mountain of feed. According to the whistleblower’s affidavit, a Culver supervisor admitted that a broken water line at a contract farm had caused 40 ducks to die of dehydration.

GIFs: Top Reasons Not to Eat Ducks

If this ☝️ is what the duck industry considers “humane,” what must conditions be like on other duck farms?

  1. Female Ducks Used for Food Are ‘Gang Raped’

At Culver, the whistleblower also reported that so many males were confined to the crowded sheds that female ducks were “gang raped” and left bloody and covered with scabs. Duck mating is extremely violent—a male holds a female duck down with his entire weight on her back, and he keeps her in place by clamping down with his claws and gripping the back of her neck with his bill. It’s why responsible guardians who have adopted ducks take precautions, like separating males and females, to avoid such violence.

GIFs: Top Reasons Not to Eat Ducks

The duck above had apparently been mounted repeatedly and was so badly injured that she couldn’t even lift her head. She was finally put out of her misery.

  1. Babies Are Ground Up Alive

Just like in the chicken industry, ducklings deemed “unprofitable” (like those who take “too long” to hatch or those born with deformities) are shredded alive in a grinder. At Culver’s “American Humane Certified” farm, workers grind up dozens of ducklings every day in its hatchery, according to the whistleblower.

GIFs: Top Reasons Not to Eat Ducks

You can even make out some of the faces of the ducklings above who were ground up alive, reportedly while they were still chirping.

  1. On Duck Farms, Extreme Misery Is the Norm

This isn’t the first time that suffering in Culver sheds has been exposed: A 2016 PETA investigation revealed workers subjecting these gentle birds to a slow, agonizing death by repeatedly slamming them against the wall and other hard surfaces, wringing their necks by spinning them around by the head, and even ripping a duckling’s head off. Other ducks were kicked and violently thrown around. Many of them had raw skin and were missing feathers because of filthy bedding and ammonia fumes. Hundreds of birds were found dead, some with prolapsed oviducts or intestines. The recent whistleblower report is more of the same, proof that even animals raised on certified-“humane” farms are subjected to cruel industry standards and worse.

GIFs: Top Reasons Not to Eat Ducks

The only surefire way to avoid supporting suffering like that shown above is to go vegan.

  1. Eating Ducks Is Speciesist

Ducks are outgoing, social animals, and they feel pain, just like humans—and like us, they value their lives and don’t want to suffer. “Humane,” “organic,” “free-range,” “cage-free”—animal-using and -abusing operations are notorious for throwing buzzwords at consumers. Don’t be duped. It’s always speciesist to eat animals or abuse them in any other way. We must ask ourselves, Aren’t these ducks’ lives more important than a penchant for flesh?

GIFs: Top Reasons Not to Eat Ducks

The only acceptable answer is “yes,” and the only adequate action is to leave ducks and all other animals in peace—and opt for delicious, healthy vegan choices instead.

Take Action for Ducks

As long as companies continue to sell ducks’ flesh, these animals will continue to suffer. After seeing our 2016 investigation and hearing from supporters like you, Harris Teeter dropped Culver as a supplier. Now we must urge other grocers, including Sprouts, to reconsider their relationship with Culver, too:

And as a shopper, please ensure that you’re not contributing to speciesism—always choose vegan.

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