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It’s PETA Latino’s 10-Year Anniversary! Here Are 10 Ways Its Work Has Helped Animals

It has been 10 years since PETA Latino was launched, and we have a lot to celebrate. Over the last decade, the group’s work to champion animal rights has included far-reaching social media campaigns, colorful demonstrations, partnerships with compassionate Latino celebrities, and much more. Let’s make a toast to PETA Latino’s 10-year anniversary by looking back at some tremendous moments throughout its history.

1. PETA Latino Helps End Monkey Experiments in Colombian Lab

After we reported that a decrepit laboratory in Colombia was confining monkeys to rusty cages amid their own waste and feeding them dog kibble, Colombian officials seized all 108 monkeys from the facility and ordered it to end its experiments. And following a major push by PETA Latino and its supporters, the National Institutes of Health ended its funding of this horrific laboratory.

2. Quintana Roo, Mexico, Leads the Way for Animal Rights

Following pressure from PETA Latino and Mexican animal rights group Animal Heroes, the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico—home of Cancún and Tulum—passed a law banning exhibitions of wildlife in public spaces—including cub-petting operations and other dangerous captive-animal displays. This move came after nearly 50,000 supporters signed PETA Latino’s petition and after actor Ariadne Díaz sent a letter to the president of the Quintana Roo Commission.

Quintana Roo also banned cockfighting, bullfighting, horse-drawn carriages, and other cruelty to animals in 2019 following extensive lobbying by Animal Heroes and local animal protection groups supported by PETA Latino.

3. Following Our Inspired Campaign, Plans to Free Lolita to a Coastal Sanctuary Were Set in Motion

After a relentless years-long campaign to free Lolita from the smallest orca tank on the planet—where she had been suffering for more than 50 years—the Miami Seaquarium announced plans to release her to a seaside sanctuary. This victory followed PETA Latino’s groundbreaking work for Lolita, which included mobilizing nearly half a million supporters to take action in her behalf, showing up to local government offices and raising hell, hitting the streets for passionate protests to demand that the marine park release her, and collaborating with celebrities such as Kate del Castillo and Alicia Machado to put her story front and center. The group’s extensive campaigns gained widespread attention on social media and received major exposure in news outlets. On August 18, 2023, Lolita died—just months before her return to native waters. Honor her memory by refusing to buy a ticket to any marine park and by continuing to call for the development of coastal sanctuaries.

PETA Latino protest for Lolita

4. Amid the War in Ukraine, PETA Latino Helps Mexican Citizens Return Home With Their Animal Companions

After reading in the news that the Mexican government wouldn’t include animal companions in its evacuation plans from Ukraine, PETA Latino sent a letter to Foreign Relations Secretary Marcelo Luis Ebrard Casaubón asking that it reconsider. Not long after the letter was published in several well-respected media outlets, the government announced that Mexican citizens could bring their animal companions with them.

5. Cancún Spay-a-Thon Clinics Help Sterilize More Than 2,800 Dogs and Cats

Since April 2021, PETA Latino has sponsored 11 spay/neuter clinics in the vicinity of Cancún, Mexico, to help combat the deadly companion-animal overpopulation crisis. During the latest event, PETA Latino helped to spay or neuter more than 600 dogs and cats, bringing the total number of animals who have been sterilized to more than 2,800—all at no cost to their guardians.

Attendees whose animals were sterilized received complimentary vegan meals, goodies, and vegan starter kits.

woman in a cat costume holding a kitten

6. Vegan Nochebuena Giveaways Feed Communities Around the World

For several years, PETA Latino has hosted vegan Nochebuena giveaways ahead of Christmas Eve on the streets of major cities, such as Bogotá, Chicago, Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Miami. Passersby enjoyed a gift of delicious vegan meat and were encouraged to choose animal-friendly options for their Nochebuena dinner table—and thousands of signatures from people pledging to go vegan were collected.

PETA Latino and ‘Pig’ Give Away Vegan Hams for Nochebuena
In Miami, PETA Latino members gave away free vegan hams and Cubanitos to encourage everyone to celebrate Nochebuena, the Christmas Eve holiday celebrated in the Latino community, with a cruelty-free feast.

7. Thousands Sign PETA Latino’s Petition for Dogs Confined to Roofs

PETA Latino’s campaign for dogs confined to rooftops has given community members guidance on what actions to take if they witness this scenario as well as information on the dangers of leaving dogs outside and how important it is for them to be taken inside and cared for as members of the family. Thousands have pledged never to leave their dogs outdoors.

8. PETA Latino’s Celebrity Campaigns Make an Impact 

PETA Latino has worked with celebrities from across the Spanish-speaking world—including Miss Universe 2020 Andrea Meza, Ana Bárbara, Sherlyn, Kate del Castillo, Jesse & Joy, George Lopez, Miguel Bernardeau, Marco Antonio Regil, Alicia Machado, Penélope Cruz, Alfonso Herrera, Gaby Moreno, and Carla Morrison—to promote animal rights campaigns. These kind celebrities have attracted attention from the media and have had a major impact on animals’ lives by reaching thousands of their followers and teaching them about having empathy and compassion for all sentient beings.

Kate del Castillo has teamed up with PETA Latino to speak out against bullfighting, a campaign that was covered by major Spanish-language news outlets.

kate del castillo anti-bullfighting ad

The Mexican-born actor also starred in a video to reveal never-before-seen footage of animals suffering at SeaWorld. In her touching video, Kate explained how orcas’ lives at the marine park are artificial—including how the small tanks they’re confined to for their entire lives can cause them to endure stress, frustration, and depression. Kate’s video was a huge success, amassing thousands of views online and receiving coverage from top news outlets.

Danny Trejo’s iconic public service announcement about the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars was met with overwhelming support, receiving thousands of “likes” and lots of positive comments.

9. PETA Latino’s Demonstrations Cause a Stir

PETA Latino’s protests in the U.S. and Latin America have made headlines and inspired millions of supporters to take action. From sitting in bathtubs outside the Miami Seaquarium to urge the company to free Lolita from her prison …

… to taking over government buildings in Peru to end bloody bullfighting …

… to holding vigils for individuals who have died at SeaWorld to mark Día de los Muertos …

protester holding picture of whale

… PETA Latino’s protesters know how to turn heads.

At one of the busiest Forever 21 stores in Mexico City, actor Sofia Sisniega joined PETA Latino to protest the company’s use of wool, prompting many members of the media to witness the commotion.

Ahead of Nochebuena, PETA Latino took over Wynwood Walls in Miami with a provocative performance that featured a nearly nude protester lying on a giant plate to urge passersby to think twice about the millions of pigs who suffer when they’re killed and served as a holiday meal.

10. PETA Latino’s Social Media Posts Reach Millions

PETA Latino’s innovative social media campaigns have been massively successful. The animated short called “Someday”—which shows the life of a chicken used for food and features music by Morrissey—has garnered more than 25 million views.

The video “¡Gracias!—Un Viaje Animado a un Día de Fiesta en el Matadero,” which exposes how turkeys suffer when they’re slaughtered for Thanksgiving feasts, gained over 42 million views.

The video featuring actor Sherlyn, who spoke out against leaving dogs on rooftops, reached more than 5 million views.

Sherlyn González expone lo que pasa con perros olvidados atrapados en azoteas.

Mira a Sherlyn, la estrella de “¿Qué le pasa a mi familia?” aceptando uno de sus roles más desafiantes. En su nuevo video junto a #PETALatino, ella se coloca en el lugar de un perro atrapado en una azotea para exponer lo que sucede con estos animales olvidados. Nuestros compañeros animales merecen mucho mejor 💔

Posted by PETA Latino on Tuesday, February 1, 2022

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