Happy Lunar New Year! What Does the Year of the Dragon Hold for You?

Lunar New Year (often referred to as Chinese New Year) marks the beginning of a promising year on the traditional Chinese calendar. To celebrate, young and old alike decorate their windows in red paper cutouts with themes of luck, health, wealth, and happiness. Families gather for a traditional feast to honor a new beginning and share food like these vegan dumplingsPeople also clean their homes to clear away any ill fortune and make room for the positive things to come.

Each year is associated with one of 12 sacred animals who bring their own good fortune and strengths. And according to the Chinese zodiac cycle, 2024 is going to be a very lucky year! So, fortunate “dragons” and all other celebrated animals, check out your Lunar New Year horoscope:

Illustration of a gold foil dragon and plum flowers


Dragons are born leaders, not ones to be tamed. You’ve been blessed with charm, success, good fortune, and outstanding abilities, so harness these strengths and use them for good. People respect your opinions, so don’t be afraid to breathe fire in order to stand up for those who are being bullied or taken advantage of. Defending the rights of those who are less powerful is the hallmark of a truly great leader.

Take Action to Help Bearded Dragons and Other Reptiles Suffering at PetSmart
Bearded Dragon


People see you as fierce and determined. Because of that, they may try to control you or lock you in a cage to make themselves feel more important. They want to possess your beauty and your strength, but tigers are too free-spirited to live in a box. This is the year you break free of those chains with a mighty roar and reclaim your dignity and independence. You were meant to be mysterious, making the rare glimpses that people get of tigers in their true element all the more precious.

Send a Message to Help Get Tigers Out of Cages
Tiger in the wild
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This is the year for you to take charge. Stop hiding your horns and letting people trample all over you. You understand what it’s like to be viewed as just a piece of meat, which is why it’s time for you to use your trademark diligence to stand up for the rights of those who aren’t getting the respect that they deserve, including your fellow bovines. Don’t be yoked to old habits—step outside your comfort zone and try something new, like going vegan! If you want to save oxen in the kitchen, cook up some vegan oxtail—this recipe is sure to impress.

Urge Companies to Show Compassion for All Bovines
Ox Lying in Field


You’re admired for your beauty, but you know that true beauty is more than skin deep. Although it’s against your nature to draw attention to yourself, standing up for your beliefs has far-reaching effects. So hop to it and start acting on your compassion! Let your inner beauty shine by supporting cruelty-free companies that don’t blind other bunnies in pointless product tests, and encourage your large circle of family and friends to do the same.

Tell Etsy to Ban Fur From Its Website


Observant and hardworking, you’re dependable to the core. But because roosters are also courageous and wise, you know better than to let people clip your wings and try to prevent you from achieving your goals. Your friends, family members, and coworkers listen to you and rely on you, so this year, crow about the many things that people can cock-a-doodle-do to make the world a better place for their feathered, furred, and finned friends.

Chickens Being Killed for Meat and Eggs Need Your Help
Rooster photographed against background of plants
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You’re smart, friendly, and helpful, but people tend to underestimate you because they have trouble looking past the surface. Those who befriend pigs have a friend for life, but those who rake you over the coals should be ready to get smoked, as you have sly ways of getting back at anyone who takes advantage of you. People who eat away at your self-esteem may not realize their mistake until much later, when the consequences of their own actions sneak up on them.

Take Action to Help Pigs
Newborn piglet on spring green grass on a farm


You’re a faithful and trusted friend, and like the best confidantes, you’re always ready to give helpful advice and offer constructive criticism. If you see that someone is about to make a big mistake—like buying a dog instead of adopting one from an animal shelter or treating a friend badly by shutting him out and excluding him from the social activities that he depends on—you must speak up in order to avert disastrous consequences. Rest assured that your loyalty to your beliefs will be rewarded. No more being stuck in the doghouse for you—it’s time to unleash your passion and follow your dreams.

Tell Liberty Media/GCI to Stop Sponsoring Cruelty to Dogs
Two beagles running toward camera with ears flapping
© Emile Hallez


Nobody should bet against you, because your fortunes are on the rise. You’re ready to throw off the heavy burdens that you’ve been saddled with and take control of your own destiny. Like all horses, you yearn to run free, and because you value freedom so much, you can’t bear to see anyone else restrained. Rear up against oppression by kicking to the curb anything that infringes on the freedom of others—from roadside zoos and animal circuses to horse-drawn carriages and aquariums.

Speak Up for Horses Used in Underground Races


You like to surround yourself with the finer things in life, but don’t let materialism override your compassion and common sense. Remember that some so-called “luxury” items aren’t worth the high price—especially when they cause others to suffer. Use your exssssscellent problem-solving skills to find humane, vegan versions of the exotic items that you covet, like snakeskin boots and alligator bags. Show the world that “cold-blooded” doesn’t mean “cold-hearted.”

Urge Louis Vuitton to Drop Exotic Skins


Your nurturing personality and calm demeanor make you an exceptional caregiver and a trusted companion, but others try to take advantage of these traits. Learn to say no without butting heads. Being dragged to one event after another and forced to interact with crowds all day long when you’d really rather stay home takes a toll on your health—just ask your fellow goats stuck in tawdry exhibits and petting zoos. It’s time for some self-care: Simplify your schedule, try meditation, or practice yoga (minus the goats).

Tell Madewell to Stop Tearing Goats' Hair Out for Sweaters
Goats at Animal Sanctuary


Charismatic, clever, and creative, you’re a born star. Or are you? Working in the entertainment industry may seem like a dream, but behind the scenes, the day-to-day living conditions for struggling performers are often grim. If you’re stuck in a career that you hate, it’s never too late to make changes—try swinging on a different vine and putting your creative talents to use in other ways. (Word has it that the CGI industry is booming.)

Take Action for Monkeys Used in the Coconut Industry


As a resourceful rat, you don’t need anyone else to provide you with opportunities—you can find your own way through the maze. You’re first in the zodiac cycle for a reason: You have a unique ability to create positive change. So let this year give you a renewed sense of purpose. Rats are among the most empathetic and altruistic of all animals, always willing to jump in to help and even put themselves in harm’s way to save others. But that doesn’t mean you should let people trap you in a corner and force you to do something that makes you uncomfortable. This is your golden year—use it to create hope and happiness for yourself and others.

Use PETA's Rapid-Action Form to Speak Up for Rats Where They Need It Most
Black rat with coil of rope
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To help make this year the happiest one yet for all animals, consider becoming an official PETA member for just $16 a year.

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