Elisabeth Murray’s Cheerleaders Celebrate Her Cruel Experiments on Monkeys

The animal torment cheerleading squad is out in full force, defending any and all experiments on monkeys. Good thing almost no one cares. Most people aren’t even aware that there are organizations that are literally in the business of promoting experiments on animals—any and all of them—and bashing PETA. Now, they’ve circled their wagons around the heinous work of Elisabeth Murray, cheerleading her monkey fright experiments that inflict brain damage on monkeys and scare them.

She Torments and Kills Monkeys, and They Call Her ‘Loving’ and ‘Kind’

These are not the kind of people you want watching your cat while you’re out of town.open letter from monkeys used in experiment - rudisha

“Betsy Murray is a beautiful person—brilliant, loving, and kind,” one stated recently.

To recap—“Betsy,” as her friends call her, carves out a section of a monkey’s skull and injects toxins or suctions out portions of the brain, causing permanent and traumatic damage. She puts monkeys inside small metal cages and torments them with realistic-looking fake snakes and spiders, playing on their worst fears. When she’s through, she kills them.

Elizabeth murray is the worst

But according to her apologists, this is what a “kind” person does for gainful employment.

Really? Is it kind to imprison gentle, sentient beings in cages for their entire lives, deprive them of everything that makes life worth living, deny them any freedom of choice, subject them to invasive and painful surgeries, and use them in terrifying experiments until they are so spent that only death provides release from torment? If this is what “kind” means to them, you have to wonder what behavior they’d consider mean.

open letter from monkeys used in experiments - Guiness

Speciesism Is Inherent in Animal Experimentation

Animal experimenters and their supporters do not consider what Murray does to monkeys to be unkind, despite the obvious ridiculousness of that claim. To them, it’s just “science,” because they do not, as compassion dictates, recognize the inviolate autonomy that all sentient beings possess inherently. And that’s textbook speciesism.

A monkey named Nurmi in a cage, being frightened by a faux snake

Experimenting on Animals Doesn’t Even Work

No living, feeling being deserves to endure the life that Murray has subjected many monkeys to. And we, as human primates, have no right to assign them any life at all. They can do that just fine on their own, thank you.

If experimenters lack empathy, they might want to consider that defending every atrocity committed against animals in laboratories is also harmful to science, which is about objective evaluation. What works? What doesn’t? Stop doing what doesn’t work. (See PETA’s Research Modernization Deal for more on the failure of animal experiments and what can be done about it.)

Murray has been at these awful experiments for 30 years now, and in all that time—and despite $47 million in taxpayer money supporting them—no human cure or treatment has come from them. It’s time to do the actual kind thing by shutting down her laboratory.

monkey named wilfork used in NIH experiments

Please, take a minute to read more about Murray’s decades-long, horrific experiments and take action!

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