Kharkiv Bombardment: Time Is Running Out for Abandoned Animals in Ukraine

On a harrowing mission deep in war-torn Vovchansk, Ukraine, a PETA-supported rescue team stared death in the face to save four dogs.

Bill Pushing for Phase-Out of Animal Dissection Advances to California Senate

Talk about a class act! THIS new bill could help modernize science education in classrooms AND foster a more compassionate learning environment.

PETA Ad Blasts Prosecutor for Refusing to Seek Justice for Blood Bank’s Victims

PETA sent another bold message to Jackson County Prosecutor Jeffrey Chalfant urging him to take action for cats deprived of veterinary care at a blood bank hellhole. Find out how YOU can help.

Cicadas Are All the Buzz This Spring—What Can Kids Learn About Them?

PETA Kids’ free resource will give you everything you need to help kids learn about kindness to insects—so you don’t have to wing it.

BREAKING: Urgent Animal Rescue Operation Underway in Ukraine’s Kharkiv War Zone

PETA-supported teams in Ukraine are undergoing an emergency evacuation for hundreds of animals in their care—find out how to help them save a life.

Desperation in the Desert: Donkeys and Dogs Endure Two Crises

For five long days, working donkeys were denied water and local dogs were found suffering from a rabies outbreak.

Rescued in Ukraine! Butch the Dog’s Astonishing Transformation

PETA-supported teams in Ukraine showered terrified dog Butch with love and medical care until he was ready to start his new life. Watch the video now!

A PETA Supporter’s Generous Commitment to Working Donkeys and Horses

Follow Julie’s inspiring journey—from witnessing suffering to sparking change—to help improve the lives of donkeys and horses in Petra, Jordan.

Bombs Soar Over Rescuers’ Heads as They Pull Off One of the Most Daring Missions Yet

Watch as PETA-supported teams risk their lives to dodge bombs and gunfire to save 22 animals in this daring mission less than 2 miles from the Russian border.

How Did Sick Dog Britney Survive in a Heavily Bombed City? Watch the Video

Britney was cowering in an old barn, hiding from the terrifying onslaught of gunfire in a Ukrainian town, when PETA-supported teams came to her rescue.

Everything You Need to Know Before Playing ‘Another Crab’s Treasure’

No matter how much of a gamer you are, you’ll love this new video game. 

60 Dogs and Cats Are on Their Way to New Lives, Thanks to Rescuers in Ukraine

The day before PETA-supported teams arrived, two bombs hit a town in Ukraine. Watch the video to see how they worked with compassionate people to get animals out.

Why Were PETA U.K. Supporters Arrested at LVMH’s Annual Meeting?

PETA U.K. members were arrested, but what crimes against fashion is LVMH committing?

Calling All Young People: Help Animals and Win Exclusive Rewards—Here’s How!

Taking action for animals is its own reward, but if you’re between the ages of 13 and 24, you can also earn exclusive perks with peta2. Here’s how to join for free today.

Hit the Road With peta2 and Help Animals All Summer Long—Here’s How

Do you love activism, music, and traveling? Are you looking for the chance to get loud for animals? peta2 wants you!

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