Why Animal Dissection Is So Last Century: Alicia Silverstone and Bear Speak Out

Alicia Silverstone’s message is clear: It’s time to say, “As if!” to animal dissection and embrace a compassionate and effective way to teach biology.

© Photo: Brian Bowen Smith
Hop Into Atiana De La Hoya’s Bunny-Friendly ‘Get Ready With Me’ Video

Atiana De La Hoya champions cruelty-free beauty, highlighting the importance of not supporting animal abuse when buying cosmetics.

Photo: © COUGHS
Listen Up, Hollywood! Steve Buscemi’s ‘The Listener’ Sets an Example for Compassionate Filmmaking

Listen up, Hollywood! Steve Buscemi’s indie drama starring Tessa Thompson is setting an example for compassionate filmmaking.

Bare Essentials: Donna D’Errico Rocks Birthday Suit to Advocate for Compassionate Fashion

Celebrating her 56th birthday, Donna D’Errico boldly and beautifully bares it all for a cause close to her heart—cruelty-free fashion.

Photo: © Miranda Penn Turin
On SeaWorld’s 60th Anniversary, Christopher von Uckermann Shares a Personal Plea

Ahead of SeaWorld’s 60th anniversary, Christopher von Uckermann shares a heartfelt plea for Corky the orca’s freedom.

Dr. Frans de Waal Proved the Great Depth of Animals’ Emotions: Take Action in His Honor

Dr. Frans de Waal, the primatologist whose research proved the cognitive abilities of other species, has died.

FURever Friends: Jennifer Aniston Receives Adoption Advocacy Award From PETA

Jennifer Aniston is a true leading lady in adoption advocacy, which is why PETA applauded her with an “I’ll Be There for You” Adoption Advocacy Award.

© StarMaxInc.com
Animal Companions
‘Pawsitively’ Impactful: How v-dog and PETA Are Inspiring Top Oscar® Nominees to Help Dogs in Need

PETA and v-dog teamed up to promote compassion with special gifts for top Oscar® nominees, featuring vegan dog treats and a pledge to feed dogs in need.

© StarMaxInc.com
Vet Tech Shaken by PETA’s Investigation

As a licensed veterinary technician, I took an oath to help animals. What I didn’t know about animal blood “donors” compromised that oath.

VIDEO: This Piñata’s Got a Rotten Center, Sending Partygoers Into a Frenzy

A party dissolves into udder mayhem after a cow piñata is cracked open. Find out why Victoria Beckham’s fashion label should take a hint.

Animal Companions
From Life in Prison to Life of the Party: Meet Jane and Vivi

A PETA investigator rescued Jane and Vivi from an animal blood bank just in the nick of time—now these two terrific tabbies are banking on finding the perfect permanent home.

Desert Mouse Wisdom: Vegan Tips From Dune

We don’t have to wait for the year 10191 to make our world a kinder place. How to bring some Fremen values to Earth and learn from their faults.

© Legendary Entertainment
Georgina Amorós Joins PETA Latino to Lead the Charge Against Bullfighting

Spanish actor Georgina Amorós partners with PETA Latino for a stunning ad against bullfighting to be placed in the heart of Spain.

Photo: © Carlota Guerrero
VIDEO: How PETA Found a Home for a Hound Exploited by a Blood Bank

The Veterinarians’ Blood Bank is under fire following a damning PETA undercover investigation. Discover Kolbie the dog’s rescue story.

‘Christspiracy’ Is What Compassionate People of Faith Have Long Waited For

“Christspiracy” provides compelling, evidence-backed revelations about “the biggest cover-up in 2,000 years.”

© A.U.M. Films and Media
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