PETA to COP15: Solve the Biodiversity Crisis, Stop the Monkey Importation Pipeline


As COP15 gets underway, PETA urges participants to consider ending the importation of monkeys to laboratories to help stem the biodiversity crisis unfolding worldwide.

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PETA Fielded Calls From Dallas to Detroit to Help Animals This Fall

On an average day, PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department receives dozens of phone calls reporting cases of animal abuse. Here’s what happens next.

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Scathing Online Glue Trap Reviews Highlight Home Depot Shoppers’ Regrets

Consumers’ glue trap reviews reveal that these devices are one of the cruelest methods of rodent control. Check out these reviews that PETA found on The Home Depot’s website.

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Hellhole Exotic-Animal Auction Cited for Appalling Conditions After PETA Tip

A dead ram and dangerous enclosures are among the many horrible conditions found by USDA inspectors at the notorious Mt. Hope exotic animal auction.

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USDA: Remove Suffering Animals From Craig Kokas’ Hellhole Facility

Open wounds, dry water bowls, piles of feces, and major surgeries without proper anesthesia: The animals at Craig Kokas’ breeding facility need urgent intervention.

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Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

Free Printable: Help Kids Unmask Speciesism This Halloween

These animals have beating hearts and families, too! Here’s a way to help your children show some love to often misunderstood animals like owls, bats, snakes, and spiders this Halloween.

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Video: Adorable Albatross Couple Shows Same-Sex Love in Animal Kingdom

One same-sex couple is sweeping the internet off its feet—and they’re not humans. Meet the gay albatross couple who is going viral.

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No Matter Whether Victim Was a Dog or a Wolf, Amber Rose Barnes Is Still a Murderer

Amber Rose Barnes was proud of herself for killing a baby wolf—then she learned she’d actually killed a dog. Learn why there isn’t a difference.

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Creepy, Crawly, and Cruel: Japanese Experimenters Are Making Cyborg Cockroaches

A new video shows experimenters in Japan attempting to create cyborg cockroaches. These experiments teach the harmful lesson that certain animals don’t deserve compassion.

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Video Taken at Lagoon in Mexico Serves as a Reminder to Leave Wildlife Alone

A horrifying video taken at a lagoon in Mexico is a grisly reminder of what can happen when humans disturb wild animals in their homes.

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Shark Stabbed in Viral Video: Just the Tip of Florida’s Shark-Murder Iceberg

A horrific video of two men murdering a blacktip reef shark and a recent shark-killing contest are just the tip of the iceberg for Florida’s legalized shark torture.

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The Killing of Freya the Walrus Is Another Reminder to Leave Wildlife Alone

Freya the walrus went viral for climbing onto boats to nap. Now, she’s dead. Why do humans think animals are selfie props?

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PETA Fielded Calls From California to Canada to Help Animals This Summer

On an average day, PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department receives dozens of phone calls reporting cases of animal abuse. Here’s what happens next.

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A Neighbor, Not a Nuisance: Getting the Facts on Opossums

Did you know opossums almost never carry rabies? Learn why, along with other facts about America’s most populous marsupial.

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How to Keep Birds From Colliding With Windows: Simple Tricks to Save Lives

Why do birds collide with glass? PETA explains why birds don’t see glass as a barrier and suggests simple solutions to make your home bird-friendly.

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