This Mother’s Day, Let’s Honor Moms of All Species

As we honor human mothers, let’s also extend recognition to mothers of other species whose stories often go untold.

Stick With the Banana Stand: Jason Bateman and Will Arnett Receive Backlash for Harmful False Advertising

Jason Bateman and Will Arnett face a backlash for promoting allegedly “ethically sourced” products from the dairy and egg industries.

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© Sabina Diethelm / We Animals Media
A ‘Grande’ Statement: Chef Babette Davis Glued Her Hand to a Starbucks Counter

Join Babette Davis as she stirs the pot at Starbucks, whipping up a frothy call for social justice, sustainability, and progress.

Why You Shouldn’t Say ‘Cheese’ Before a Photo

If a photographer asked you to say “cruelty” before snapping a photo, would you flash a toothy smile? PETA’s compelling new PSA might make you rethink your response to a common request.

codirected by Christian Carl and Jon Walley
From ‘Sopranos’ to Super Bowl: Edie Falco Takes a Stand for Mother Cows in PETA PSA

PETA Honorary Director and “Sopranos” star Edie Falco is panicking over cheese in PETA’s Super Bowl LVIII ad.

Deadly Dairy? Cow’s Milk Now Leading Cause of Fatal Allergies in Children Under 16

A new study found that THESE products are the leading culprit of fatal food-related allergic reactions in children under 16.

Create Sweet Memories for Your Family With One of These Gingerbread Houses

Your family can spend quality time assembling a gingerbread house that’s just as sweet to animals as it is to eat. This year, try one of these options!

Top 14 Vegan Eggnogs and Other Drinks to Serve Over the Holidays

We can easily celebrate this time of year without harming animals. Get into the holiday spirit with these 14 vegan eggnogs and other delicious drinks.

PHOTOS: ‘Doughnuts’ on Stilts Have an Urgent Message Amid COP28 Climate Conference

World leaders got hit with wake-up calls from animal advocates at COP28. Find out why the climate conference must go vegan.

PETA Proposes Animal-Friendly Addition to Hershey’s Chocolate World Mascot Roster

There’s nothing sweeter than candy that’s kind to animals, which is why PETA is asking Hershey’s to consider adding a new amusement park mascot.

© The Hershey Company
Delta Wins Award From PETA for Adding Oat Milk Creamer to In-Flight Coffee Service

Delta Air Lines has won PETA’s Compassion on Board Award for being the first major airline to offer vegan creamer on all its flights departing the U.S.

Should Hurricanes and Storms Be Named After Climate-Harming Industries?

PETA is calling for a new policy to name tropical storms and hurricanes after beef, butter, cheese, and other animal-derived foods. Find out why.

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Will Starbucks’ 2023 Climate Report Reflect the Company’s Unsustainable Practices?

Before Starbucks gets scored on its annual climate report, PETA is asking the reviewing agency to factor in the company’s unfair, unsustainable practices.

‘Vegan’ or ‘Plant-Based’? A Kind Way of Life Versus a Misleading Label

Why favor the term “vegan” over “plant-based”? PETA leaves through the differences between them to help you show compassion for our fellow animals.

Pumpkin Spice Latte Season Is Hiding Something Rotten

A cheeky video from PETA reveals how to make the most of pumpkin spice latte season.

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