PHOTOS: PETA U.K. ‘Cow’ and ‘Butcher’ Hit COP28 With Warning to Flesh Peddlers Infiltrating a Conference

World leaders got hit with wake-up calls from animal advocates at COP28. Find out why the climate conference must go vegan.

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PETA Proposes Animal-Friendly Addition to Hershey’s Chocolate World Mascot Roster

There’s nothing sweeter than candy that’s kind to animals, which is why PETA is asking Hershey’s to consider adding a new amusement park mascot.

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Delta Wins Award From PETA for Adding Oat Milk Creamer to In-Flight Coffee Service

Delta Air Lines has won PETA’s Compassion on Board Award for being the first major airline to offer vegan creamer on all its flights departing the U.S.

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Should Hurricanes and Storms Be Named After Climate-Harming Industries?

PETA is calling for a new policy to name tropical storms and hurricanes after beef, butter, cheese, and other animal-derived foods. Find out why.

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Will Starbucks’ 2023 Climate Report Reflect the Company’s Unsustainable Practices?

Before Starbucks gets scored on its annual climate report, PETA is asking the reviewing agency to factor in the company’s unfair, unsustainable practices.

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Celebrate the Holidays With a PETA Present!

‘Vegan’ or ‘Plant-Based’? A Kind Way of Life Versus a Misleading Label

Why favor the term “vegan” over “plant-based”? PETA leaves through the differences between them to help you show compassion for our fellow animals.

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Pumpkin Spice Latte Season Is Hiding Something Rotten

A cheeky video from PETA reveals how to make the most of pumpkin spice latte season.

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World’s Largest Climate Conference Goes ‘Mostly Vegan’—but Could Go All the Way

Although the COP28 climate summit is taking a good step by going “mostly vegan,” find out how PETA is pressing world leaders to “go all the way.”

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The True Cost of Wagyu Beef: PETA Reveals Horrific Conditions for Cows

Is Wagyu beef worth the cost? Not to the cows who are killed for their flesh. PETA breaks down the top five reasons never to purchase Wagyu.

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VIDEO: Here’s Why the Cost of Dairy Is ‘Too Much’

A new TV spot created for PETA by Christian Carl, Antepost, and Push Pull Production shows a shopper grabbing a wedge of cheese and inquiring how much it costs. Watch what happens next.

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Save 200 Animals Every Year by Going Vegan

Dairy Months?! No Whey! PETA Takes Pride in Posting Ads to Help Cows in June and July

Must June be National Dairy Month and July be National Ice Cream Month? No whey! Find out how PETA’s latest ads take pride in promoting compassion for cows.

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Is There a ‘Dark Side’ to PETA? Board Our Starship to Shine Light on a Rebel Force

If someone asks, “What’s the dark side of PETA?” we’ve got the answer. Let us shine a lightsaber on the truth of our efforts for animal rights.

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PETA Uses AI to Help Breathing-Impaired Dog Breeds and Cows Abused for Milk

Curious about PETA’s first AI-generated ad images? Learn why artist Shad Clark used AI to create these striking visuals to help exploited dogs and cows.

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‘Succession’ Actor James Cromwell Takes Over the Boardwalk With a Message for Starbucks

The “Succession” actor has a message for Starbucks and its vegan upcharge: Stop “milking” compassionate customers who choose cruelty-free options.

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Hey, Indy 500, How About Vegan Milk for Victory Lane? We’ll Even Toss In $10K

Why has PETA offered a big cash prize if the Indy 500 milk gulp goes vegan? Race right to our answer and start revving your “engine” to help cows.

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PETA’s Milestones for Animals: 1980 to Now

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