Mall Staple Claire’s Confirms That It Will No Longer Buy Feathers

PETA applauds Claire’s compassionate decision to get feathers off its shelves and urges Forever 21 to follow suit.

‘Shear’ Defiance: Why PETA’s New Statue Will Make You BAAck Away From Wool

San Angelo, once known as the “Wool Capital of the World,” has already displayed 110 sheep statues, none of which tell the sheep’s side of the story. PETA decided to change that.

Gucci Lies Lawsuit: There’s Nothing ‘Natural’ About Python-Skin Products

A former Gucci worker says she was told that the python skin it sells was obtained through a “natural shedding process”—then she learned of PETA Asia’s investigation.

VIDEO: Heavily Bleeding Minks Beaten on Polish Fur Factory Farm

Workers on a fur factory farm in Poland were filmed beating screaming minks with their hands and fists as well as with clubs and slamming bloody animals against cages.

Strutting Without the Suffering: Nikki Glaser Shows Off Her Own Skin in PETA Ad

Comedy queen Nikki Glaser joins PETA to deliver a jaw-dropping message about compassion with respect to fashion.

© Photo: Joan Fisher
Queen Camilla’s New Wardrobe Rule Reigns Supreme—and Everyone Should Follow It

Queen Camilla’s new style parts with tradition to create a kinder future for animals. Will the King’s Guard’s fur caps be next?

We Asked Top U.S. Car Brands for Their New Vegan Interior Car Models—and They Didn’t Disappoint

There are more vegan car models than ever before! Check out the 2024 U.S. vegan car interior inventory from top brands.

PETA’s 2024 Vegan Homeware Awards

Thanks to these award-winning brands, the homeware industry is changing, helping us move toward a kinder, more sustainable future.

Why Did the Eiffel Tower Get a Bloody Makeover During a Pre-Olympics Fashion Show?

During a star-studded pre-Olympics fashion event, PETA lit up the Eiffel Tower and other iconic Paris landmarks with a message for a top sponsor of the games, LVMH.

Victory! Marc Jacobs Bans Reptile and Ostrich Skins Following PETA Push

PETA applauds Marc Jacobs’ compassionate decision to cut ties with the cruel exotic skins industry and urges designers everywhere to follow its lead.

Why Were PETA U.K. Supporters Arrested at LVMH’s Annual Meeting?

PETA U.K. members were arrested, but what crimes against fashion is LVMH committing?

GreaterGood Scraps ‘Humane’ Claims Following a Warning From PETA

After a warning from PETA, a nonprofit has chosen transparency for the greater good. Now we’re urging the organization to stand by its values by going vegan.

Bare Essentials: Donna D’Errico Rocks Birthday Suit to Advocate for Compassionate Fashion

Celebrating her 56th birthday, Donna D’Errico boldly and beautifully bares it all for a cause close to her heart—cruelty-free fashion.

Photo: © Miranda Penn Turin
VIDEO: This Piñata’s Got a Rotten Center, Sending Partygoers Into a Frenzy

A party dissolves into udder mayhem after a cow piñata is cracked open. Find out why Victoria Beckham’s fashion label should take a hint.

Watch PETA U.K. Crash Paris Fashion Week in This ‘Udderly’ Unforgettable Video

PETA U.K. is urging brand Victoria Beckham to embrace eco-friendly innovations, such as high-end leather made from apples, grapes, pineapples, mushrooms, and more.

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