Rescued From the Rubble! Team in Ukraine Swoops In to Save 30 Animals After Bombing

In one bombed-out area in Ukraine, the houses were barely standing. Watch as PETA-supported rescuers navigate the dangerous terrain to save more than two dozen animals.

Dr. Frans de Waal Proved the Great Depth of Animals’ Emotions: Take Action in His Honor

Dr. Frans de Waal, the primatologist whose research proved the cognitive abilities of other species, has died.

Manya Rescued From a Snowdrift in Ukraine: Watch Her Jaw-Dropping Recovery

Manya the dog’s tale went from hopeless to hopeful, thanks to a PETA-supported clinic.

Vet Tech Shaken by PETA’s Investigation

As a licensed veterinary technician, I took an oath to help animals. What I didn’t know about animal blood “donors” compromised that oath.

‘Christspiracy’ Is What Compassionate People of Faith Have Long Waited For

“Christspiracy” provides compelling, evidence-backed revelations about “the biggest cover-up in 2,000 years.”

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Two Years of Saving Animals in Ukraine: Here’s a Glimpse at Rescuers’ Everyday Lives

After 17,520 hours of rockets, destruction, and suffering, PETA-supported teams continue to move mountains for animals in Ukraine. Learn what they’ve accomplished in two years.

Drone Strikes in Ukraine Hit Animal Rescuers’ Van—Watch How They Escaped

PETA-supported animal rescuers had a close call during a mission to help dogs and cats make a safe getaway in Ukraine. Watch the video!

‘Bleating’ the Odds: How PETA-Supported Rescuers Saved Baby Goats in Ukraine

The war had taken everything from these goats except their lives—and they were fading fast. Find out how PETA-supported rescuers came to their aid.

Locals in Ukraine Knew Just Whom to Call When This Swan Was in Trouble

An injured swan in Ukraine was desperate for help, trapped in the center of a frozen lake. Watch as PETA-supported rescuers come to his aid.

See This Mare Being Rescued From the Front Lines in Ukraine

In Ukraine, a pregnant mare’s desperate attempt to escape tripped a bomb, badly injuring her. See members of a PETA-supported team risk their own safety to rescue her.

VIDEO: Watch Animal Rescuers Brave Winter’s Worst to Save Lives

The winter weather is harsh, but PETA-supported rescuers in Ukraine pushed on to help a pack of abandoned dogs escape the frontlines. Watch the video and help their work continue!

James Cromwell Was Joined by This Special Costar at PETA’s Special Event

Despite their “Succession” characters’ strife, these two stars made PETA’s Empathy Center grand opening a stellar event. See the highlights!

Video: American Racehorse Lives the ‘Dream’ at Her New Home Following PETA’s Eleventh-Hour Rescue Outside South Korean Slaughterhouse

VIDEO: American racehorse My Elusive Dream was moments away from slaughter when PETA swooped in to save her. See where she is now.

Watch: Meet Some of the Animals You’ve Helped in Ukraine Since the War Started

PETA-supported rescuers in Ukraine have a message that will be the highlight of your week. Meet a few of the animals they’ve rescued with your help, and keep their vital work going!

How Rescuers in Ukraine Saved 8 Puppies and Their Mom Just in Time

A PETA-backed team went on a mission through a destroyed village to rescue abandoned animals, including a pregnant dog. Learn how to support this work!

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