VIDEO: Dave the Rescued Dog’s Touching ‘Tail,’ From Neglect to Adoption

There’s no such thing as an “outdoor dog.” In a new video, learn how PETA fieldworkers helped Dave the rescued pup go from chained neglect to loving adoption.

Leave the Meat in the Sheets—Go Vegan in the Streets: PETA Calls For Sex Strike

PETA is erecting—ahem—launching new ads calling on people to join a sex strike and stop having sex with their animal-eating husbands and boyfriends.

Provocative Ad Puts Father’s Day Activities on Blast: ‘Does Your Daddy Kill Animals?’

Fishing and hunting destroy other animals’ families. PETA’s ad blitz urges your family to choose kind activities this Father’s Day.

WTF With Marc Maron: Winning the Feline-Friendly Award

Renowned podcaster Marc Maron wins PETA’s WTF Award for his compassionate care and advocacy for cats.

PETA Urges Feds to Defund MRIGlobal After New Raft of Animal Welfare Violations

MRIGlobal—a scalpel-for-hire laboratory with federal government contracts worth nearly $6 million paid with taxpayer funds—can’t seem to abide by the law. Why are the feds still doing business with it?

© Photo: Ignacio Yufera
Campaign Updates: PETA Calls For End of Baboon Pregnancy Experiments at Eastern Virginia Medical School

For more than 40 years, Eastern Virginia Medical School’s Gerald Pepe has used baboons in nightmarish pregnancy experiments, most recently injecting them with hormones and cutting out and killing their babies at various stages of gestation.

VIDEO: Terrified Bull Appears to Flip Spectator During Oregon Rodeo Escape

A terrified bull escaped an Oregon rodeo, injuring at least three in his panic. Help PETA get a ban on events that harm bulls like him and put onlookers in danger.

Since Red Lobster’s Super-Pinched, Why Not Give Vegan Seafood a Shot?

Red Lobster sank and went bankrupt, but the pinched chain has a chance to restructure in a far kinder way. PETA reveals how.

James Cromwell Calls Out Government-Funded Experiments on Animals

America’s leading agency for research on mental disorders has spent decades wasting your money. James Cromwell wants you to know what it’s funding instead of finding cures. 

Wave of Urgency: PETA’s Plea for Coral Reefs Hits Chicago and Miami Beach

PETA’s “Beef or Reef?” ad hit Chicago and Miami Beach with a wave of urgency. Learn about our provocative plea and what you can do.

Paws for Laughter: Kathy Griffin Joins PETA for a Quirky PSA With Her Dogs

Join Kathy Griffin, skip the pet store, ditch the breeder, and find your perfect match at a local animal shelter.

© Photo: Jen Rosenstein
E-Mails Reveal Student Concern, Staff Skepticism About Pig Mutilation Training for Doctors

PETA received internal e-mails showing that staff and students at Oregon Health & Science University are concerned about the mutilation of live pigs in OB/GYN training.

Taxpayers, Beware: Fauci Confesses Spending Your Money Without Checking

Anthony Fauci is the third former or current high-ranking NIH official to admit to spending taxpayer money on foreign laboratories without checking on them.

40 Years of Monkey Misery: Margaret Livingstone’s Cruel Career Timeline

It’s time for Margaret Livingstone to quit her day job. After 40 years of animal experimentation, she’s failed to help humans, despite a monumental monkey body count.

Here’s Everything Animal Experimenters Don’t Want You to Know About Craniotomies

Experimenters are drilling holes into animals’ skulls and implanting electrodes in their brains. But these procedures do nothing to help human patients.

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