Lab Horrors at Johns Hopkins: NIH Flubs Investigation; PETA Urges Action

Heard about the horrific history of animal testing in Johns Hopkins labs? PETA reveals how the university is getting away with murder—and who their accomplice is.

Why Animal Dissection Is So Last Century: Alicia Silverstone and Bear Speak Out

Alicia Silverstone’s message is clear: It’s time to say, “As if!” to animal dissection and embrace a compassionate and effective way to teach biology.

© Photo: Brian Bowen Smith
NIMH Funnels Millions of Tax Dollars Into Archaic Animal ‘Fight Clubs’

Unlike in “Fight Club,” our code of honor demands that we expose what the National Institute of Mental Health does to tiny animals with your money.

Attention, U.S. Navy: Stop Conducting Cruel Decompression Tests on Animals

Did you know the U.S. Navy funds cruel decompression tests on animals? Learn how PETA collaborated with Navy veterans in a move to sink these experiments.

She Hurt Monkeys, Then Got Promoted: Michele Basso’s Cruel Career Timeline

Michele Basso’s résumé includes animal welfare violations and shoddy surgeries, but it somehow landed her a top role at the Washington National Primate Research Center.

Hop Into Atiana De La Hoya’s Bunny-Friendly ‘Get Ready With Me’ Video

Atiana De La Hoya champions cruelty-free beauty, highlighting the importance of not supporting animal abuse when buying cosmetics.

Photo: © COUGHS
Broadway Brilliance: PETA Honors ‘Water for Elephants’ With Prestigious Award

From Rosie the elephant to llamas and big cats, the Broadway adaptation of “Water for Elephants” captivates audiences without exploiting a single live animal.

If You Find a Baby Bunny Outside, Here’s What to Do

If you can’t catch a rabbit without a chase, they don’t need to be rescued—and other helpful things to know if you find a baby bunny.

Bare Essentials: Donna D’Errico Rocks Birthday Suit to Advocate for Compassionate Fashion

Celebrating her 56th birthday, Donna D’Errico boldly and beautifully bares it all for a cause close to her heart—cruelty-free fashion.

Photo: © Miranda Penn Turin
Rescued From the Rubble! Team in Ukraine Swoops In to Save 30 Animals After Bombing

In one bombed-out area in Ukraine, the houses were barely standing. Watch as PETA-supported rescuers navigate the dangerous terrain to save more than two dozen animals.

Which PETA Ad Had Buzzer-Beater Brilliance? You Decide!

Cast your vote for the GOAT: Pick your favorite colorful, comical, or controversial PETA ad and you could score a $500 shopping spree at Plant Faced Clothing.

Dr. Frans de Waal Proved the Great Depth of Animals’ Emotions: Take Action in His Honor

Dr. Frans de Waal, the primatologist whose research proved the cognitive abilities of other species, has died.

Manya Rescued From a Snowdrift in Ukraine: Watch Her Jaw-Dropping Recovery

Manya the dog’s tale went from hopeless to hopeful, thanks to a PETA-supported clinic.

Do Mice Get Motion Sickness? Plus Other Pointless Experiments on Animals

Do Froot Loops affect rats’ penis size? Here are more pointless, cruel, and absurd experiments conducted on animals.

Animal Companions
Tsunami’s Perseverance Was Stronger Than a Tidal Wave—Watch Her Video

Beneath the burns and shrapnel wounds covering Tsunami’s body was a sweet dog whose life has now been transformed by PETA-supported rescuers.

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