BOYCOTT SANOFI: Cruelty-Free Products to Use Instead 

Drugmaker Sanofi doesn’t deserve a single dollar for its near-drowning tests on animals. Shop PETA’s recommended cruelty-free products instead!

PETA Entity Reps and Child Jailed in Ethiopia Over Monkey Shipments

Ethiopian authorities jailed the three protestors, one of whom was 11 years old, over 24 hours for simply looking at a protest site. You can help out, as they regroup.

© Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Media
Why Ditch Dairy? Because Cheese Is Melting the Planet

Why should everyone ditch dairy? PETA points out how humans’ obsession with bovine mammary secretions amplifies the climate catastrophe.

Helping the Dallas ‘Cattle Drive’ Reflect Reality

Instead of celebrating one of Texas’ worst legacies, here’s how Pioneer Plaza could look toward the future.

No Spoilers: You Must See ‘Chimp Crazy’ for Yourself!

If you were surprised to learn about tiger cub–breeding mills, just wait until you see how some people fetishize chimpanzees.

Righteous ‘Rodent’ Is a Squeaky Wheel at 2024 Republican National Convention

PETA’s “mouse” mascot made a big squeak at the 2024 Republican National Convention in Milwaukee. Here’s why.

‘Can’t Animals Get One Day of Peace?’ PETA Asks Pennsylvania Governor

Sunday—a holy day for many—should be a time to show mercy for traumatized animals.

Dairy Is Milking the Toronto Maple Leafs Dry

PETA is hitting the ice to end the Toronto Maple Leafs’ partnership with the cruel, environmentally destructive dairy industry.

PETA Wants Answers: Did Maryland Schools Break State Cruelty Laws in Baboon Deaths?

A baboon bled to death, and another one was strangled at separate Maryland universities. PETA wants police to investigate and levy possible charges for violating laws against cruelty to animals.

Lies and More Lies: PETA Exposes Manuel Elkin Patarroyo’s Many Falsehoods

How often can one person lie before it comes back to haunt them? The founder of a monkey torture center in Colombia is about to find out.

PETA Pushes Cleveland Browns to End Live-Mascot Program

After the death of the Cleveland Browns’ mascot, Swagger Jr., PETA is asking the team to think before acquiring a successor.

Dozens in Medieval Torture Devices Protest Against Pamplona’s Bullfights

Animal rights activists gathered in Pamplona ahead of the San Fermín festival to protest against the archaic ritualized execution of bulls.

‘Shear’ Defiance: Why PETA’s New Statue Will Make You BAAck Away From Wool

San Angelo, once known as the “Wool Capital of the World,” has already displayed 110 sheep statues, none of which tell the sheep’s side of the story. PETA decided to change that.

TikToks That Will Make You Sweet on Spiders

If there’s a TikTok trend that has us scrolling, it’s this one. These videos have viewers rethinking their relationship with insects.

New Paper by PETA Scientists Tackles Flawed Pharmaceutical Experiments on Animals

In a newly published paper, PETA scientists lay bare a solid plan for ending two of the pharmaceutical industry’s most cruel and pointless experiments on animals.

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