PETA Finds 255 Safety Violations at Primate Facilities, Pushes Feds to Investigate

“Virtually everyone … gets ill at some point in their first six months.” But that’s not all that happens inside these taxpayer-funded primate prisons. PETA is sounding the alarm.

Campaign Updates: PETA Calls For End of Baboon Pregnancy Experiments at Eastern Virginia Medical School

For more than 40 years, Eastern Virginia Medical School’s Gerald Pepe has used baboons in nightmarish pregnancy experiments, most recently injecting them with hormones and cutting out and killing their babies at various stages of gestation.

PETA Calls For Investigation Over Apparent Ill-Treatment of Baboons at Eastern Virginia Medical School

PETA is calling for a criminal probe into the Eastern Virginia Medical School laboratory of Gerald Pepe, where mother baboons endured unimaginable suffering.

E-Mails Reveal Student Concern, Staff Skepticism About Pig Mutilation Training for Doctors

PETA received internal e-mails showing that staff and students at Oregon Health & Science University are concerned about the mutilation of live pigs in OB/GYN training.

Taxpayers, Beware: Fauci Confesses Spending Your Money Without Checking

Anthony Fauci is the third former or current high-ranking NIH official to admit to spending taxpayer money on foreign laboratories without checking on them.

40 Years of Monkey Misery: Margaret Livingstone’s Cruel Career Timeline

It’s time for Margaret Livingstone to quit her day job. After 40 years of animal experimentation, she’s failed to help humans, despite a monumental monkey body count.

Here’s Everything Animal Experimenters Don’t Want You to Know About Craniotomies

Experimenters are drilling holes into animals’ skulls and implanting electrodes in their brains. But these procedures do nothing to help human patients.

‘We Can and Should Do Better’: Baboon Experiments Move Virginia Senator to Action

A Virginia state senator, moved by the plight of animals in laboratories, led the enactment of a new law to increase transparency in laboratories that experiment on animals.

Another Death, Another Xenotransplant Failure: PETA Points to Problems With Pig Kidney Surgeries

Pigs aren’t merely housing their organs until humans need them. Science won’t advance if we continue to use other species for their body parts.

Is It a UMass Lab or the Death Star? Chewie’s Story, From the Dark Side of Campus

Caged, cut open, and subjected to cruel experiments. This was life for a tiny marmoset imprisoned in a University of Massachusetts–Amherst lab.

Imprisoned, Impregnated, and Impaired: Alissa’s ‘Life’ of Misery in Med School Lab

Alissa was repeatedly bred for 18 years, and her babies were taken to be used in experiments. Then, Eastern Virginia Medical School used her in invasive pregnancy experiments, and she died.

Baby Monkeys Need Their Mothers—Experimenters Punish Them for It  

The babies of other primates need their mothers, just as humans do. But experimenters separate them from their mothers in numerous cruel and pointless tests

© Photo: Ignacio Yufera
UMass Experimenters or Stormtroopers? Yoda the Marmoset’s Life and Death in a Lab 

Behind the cage bars of a University of Massachusetts–Amherst laboratory, a monkey named Yoda struggled with the dark side of science.

Lab Horrors at Johns Hopkins: NIH Flubs Investigation; PETA Urges Action

Heard about the horrific history of animal testing in Johns Hopkins labs? PETA reveals how the university is getting away with murder—and who their accomplice is.

NIMH Funnels Millions of Tax Dollars Into Archaic Animal ‘Fight Clubs’

Unlike in “Fight Club,” our code of honor demands that we expose what the National Institute of Mental Health does to tiny animals with your money.

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