The Naughty/Nice List: Is Your Charitable Donation Hurting Animals?


Health charity TV ads and appeals pull on your heartstrings, but here’s what you should know before signing that check.

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There’s Nothing ‘Standard’ About PETA’s Latest Historic Victory for Animals in Taiwan

Victory for animals! Standard Foods Group, PepsiCo’s Quaker Oats Partner in Taiwan, has issued a historic ban on animal testing after hearing from PETA.

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TRESemmé Bans All Animal Testing Worldwide, Joins PETA’s ‘Beauty Without Bunnies’ List

TRESemmé is joining Dove, Suave, and other major Unilever brands in going animal test–free! The international hair-care brand worked with PETA to ban all tests on animals worldwide.

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Why Did PETA’s Texas A&M TikTok Video Go Viral? See for Yourself!

As Texas A&M University graduates leave campus, PETA is pushing the school to let the 20 remaining dogs who are trapped in its canine muscular dystrophy laboratory “graduate” as well.

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UMass Uses Hand Warmers on Marmosets to Mimic Menopause? This Isn’t Science

University of Massachusetts experimenters torment and kill marmosets, supposedly to study menopause—which these monkeys don’t even experience.

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Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

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PETA Shows Public What University of Washington Won’t: Baby Monkeys

More than 50 years ago, experimenters at the University of Washington set up a basement laboratory where they could take baby monkeys away from their mothers …

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See for Yourself: PETA Has Its ‘Eye’ on NIH Experiments on Animals

Did you know that over 90% of experiments on animals don’t lead to human treatments? Stay updated on the latest absurd, tax-funded tests by “liking” PETA’s Eye on NIH Facebook page.

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‘The Sopranos’ Star Edie Falco Calls For Primate Center to Shut Down

Edie Falco left phone messages for 18,000 UW faculty and staff to tell them about the horrific cruelty to monkeys taking place right on campus and to urge them to speak up.

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PETA Debunks University of Washington’s Lies About Primate Research, One by One

Experimenters at the Washington National Primate Research Center tried to defend their abuse of monkeys—and failed miserably. PETA’s got the cold, hard facts.

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This Monkey’s Name Is Princess, but Her Life in a Lab Is Far From a Fairytale

Her name is Princess, but her life is no fairytale. For years, the monkey has suffered at the Wisconsin National Primate Center—and she needs your help.

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PETA Is Suing: NIH and NIMH Must Stop Mutilating, Tormenting, and Scaring Animals

PETA is demanding reports on animal experiments involving food deprivation, near drowning, electric shocks, and other equally horrific activities.

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How PETA Legal Eagle Asher Smith Uses the Constitution to Protect Owls

PETA Foundation Litigation Manager Asher Smith helped win a case against a “Tiger King” abuser. Now, the Yale University law grad says the Constitution protects owls.

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Help Students Urge the University of California to Stop the Slaughter

Join California Students Opposing Speciesism hubs in pushing for a ban on serving meat, eggs, and dairy as well as on supplying animal-tested products to students, teachers, and staff on UC campuses.

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Count Your Days, Draize—Paper by PETA Scientists Challenges Status Quo

Chemicals are still being applied to live rabbits’ eyes in cruel pesticide experiments, but PETA scientists are challenging the status quo.

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Johns Hopkins Defends Cruel Owl Experiments; PETA Debunks Its Lies

Johns Hopkins University, feeling the heat from PETA supporters, issues a defense of Shreesh Mysore’s cruel owl experiments. We truth test it and, unsurprisingly, find it lacking.

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