Lab Horrors at Johns Hopkins: NIH Flubs Investigation; PETA Urges Action

Heard about the horrific history of animal testing in Johns Hopkins labs? PETA reveals how the university is getting away with murder—and who their accomplice is.

Why Animal Dissection Is So Last Century: Alicia Silverstone and Bear Speak Out

Alicia Silverstone’s message is clear: It’s time to say, “As if!” to animal dissection and embrace a compassionate and effective way to teach biology.

© Photo: Brian Bowen Smith
NIMH Funnels Millions of Tax Dollars Into Archaic Animal ‘Fight Clubs’

Unlike in “Fight Club,” our code of honor demands that we expose what the National Institute of Mental Health does to tiny animals with your money.

Attention, U.S. Navy: Stop Conducting Cruel Decompression Tests on Animals

Did you know the U.S. Navy funds cruel decompression tests on animals? Learn how PETA collaborated with Navy veterans in a move to sink these experiments.

She Hurt Monkeys, Then Got Promoted: Michele Basso’s Cruel Career Timeline

Michele Basso’s résumé includes animal welfare violations and shoddy surgeries, but it somehow landed her a top role at the Washington National Primate Research Center.

Hop Into Atiana De La Hoya’s Bunny-Friendly ‘Get Ready With Me’ Video

Atiana De La Hoya champions cruelty-free beauty, highlighting the importance of not supporting animal abuse when buying cosmetics.

Photo: © COUGHS
There’s a Kinder Way Than Animal Dissection—Help Your School Hop to It!

Animals on the dissection tray had thoughts, feelings, and families. Learn how to help your school’s science programs choose a kinder and better way.

Free Birds: The Wonderful Life of Sparrows Outside Laboratories

In nature, house sparrows mate for life, raise families, and forage with friends. In a Louisiana State University laboratory, they’re isolated, experimented on, and killed.

Who’s Who in ‘The Failed Experiment’—Stream the Groundbreaking Docuseries Now FREE on YouTube

Meet the remarkable experts and animal rights advocates taking center stage in PETA’s new groundbreaking docuseries, “The Failed Experiment,” now available for free on YouTube.

Do Mice Get Motion Sickness? Plus Other Pointless Experiments on Animals

Do Froot Loops affect rats’ penis size? Here are more pointless, cruel, and absurd experiments conducted on animals.

Despite Acquittal, Smuggling Trial Offered Glimpse Into Corrupt and Cruel Business of Monkey Importation

A jury has let Masphal Kry walk away from conspiracy and monkey-smuggling charges in a wide-ranging trial that gave a rare look into the corrupt world of monkey importation.

PETA’s New International Women’s Day Video Calls Out OHSU for Pig Mutilation

PETA’s new video for International Women’s Day calls out Oregon Health & Science University for mutilating pigs in its OB/GYN training.

How Did the U.K. Just Toss a Life Raft to Mice and Rats?

After relentless campaigning by PETA U.K., the U.K. government has made a change that will encourage scientists to focus on human-relevant research methods. 

VIDEO: How PETA Found a Home for a Hound Exploited by a Blood Bank

The Veterinarians’ Blood Bank is under fire following a damning PETA undercover investigation. Discover Kolbie the dog’s rescue story.

Campaign Updates: Colossal Monkey Prison Proposed in Bainbridge, Georgia

Safer Human Medicine, a company created by former executives of animal experimentation companies, has proposed the largest monkey-breeding and -holding facility in the country, targeting land in Bainbridge, Georgia.

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