BOYCOTT SANOFI: Cruelty-Free Products to Use Instead 

Drugmaker Sanofi doesn’t deserve a single dollar for its near-drowning tests on animals. Shop PETA’s recommended cruelty-free products instead!

PETA Entity Reps and Child Jailed in Ethiopia Over Monkey Shipments

Ethiopian authorities jailed the three protestors, one of whom was 11 years old, over 24 hours for simply looking at a protest site. You can help out, as they regroup.

© Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals Media
Righteous ‘Rodent’ Is a Squeaky Wheel at 2024 Republican National Convention

PETA’s “mouse” mascot made a big squeak at the 2024 Republican National Convention in Milwaukee. Here’s why.

PETA Wants Answers: Did Maryland Schools Break State Cruelty Laws in Baboon Deaths?

A baboon bled to death, and another one was strangled at separate Maryland universities. PETA wants police to investigate and levy possible charges for violating laws against cruelty to animals.

Lies and More Lies: PETA Exposes Manuel Elkin Patarroyo’s Many Falsehoods

How often can one person lie before it comes back to haunt them? The founder of a monkey torture center in Colombia is about to find out.

The Buck Stops Here—‘Mouse’ With a Message Makes Headlines After Crashing Debate

The National Institutes of Health is bleeding taxpayers dry while experiments on animals go nowhere. A mighty “mouse” crashed the presidential debate to reveal what our country’s next leader can do.

Campaign Updates: Utah State University Torments Rats in Psychology Course

Semester after semester, undergraduate students at Utah State University (USU) who are enrolled in a course called Advanced Analysis of Behavior (PSY 3400) are required to lock rats inside barren metal boxes where the animals are trained to push a lever to receive food pellets, all while being bombarded with random bursts of bright light.

New Paper by PETA Scientists Tackles Flawed Pharmaceutical Experiments on Animals

In a newly published paper, PETA scientists lay bare a solid plan for ending two of the pharmaceutical industry’s most cruel and pointless experiments on animals.

PETA to Mango Board: ‘UnaPEELing’ Animal Experiments Are Nothing to Celebrate

It’s National Mango Month, but this fruit organization’s cruel and deadly experiments on animals are nothing to celebrate. Help us core this rotten business!

Animal-Free Research Boosted by Awards From PETA Science Group

A PETA science group awarded a German researcher working to replace the use of animals in inhalation tests and remove animal parts from educational laboratories.

Major Health Agency Slashes Funding for Sepsis Experiments on Animals After Push From PETA

Animals spared! PETA challenged cruel, pointless sepsis experiments on animals. The government couldn’t ignore us.

PETA Finds 255 Safety Violations at Primate Facilities, Pushes Feds to Investigate

“Virtually everyone … gets ill at some point in their first six months.” But that’s not all that happens inside these taxpayer-funded primate prisons. PETA is sounding the alarm.

PETA Urges Feds to Defund MRIGlobal After New Raft of Animal Welfare Violations

MRIGlobal—a scalpel-for-hire laboratory with federal government contracts worth nearly $6 million paid with taxpayer funds—can’t seem to abide by the law. Why are the feds still doing business with it?

© Photo: Ignacio Yufera
Campaign Updates: PETA Calls For End of Baboon Pregnancy Experiments at Eastern Virginia Medical School

For more than 40 years, Eastern Virginia Medical School’s Gerald Pepe has used baboons in nightmarish pregnancy experiments, most recently injecting them with hormones and cutting out and killing their babies at various stages of gestation.

Caught! They Tried to Get Away With Dog Torture—but PETA Was on the Case

After hearing from PETA and other animal defenders in Pakistan, the Islamabad Capital Territory Police apprehended suspects seen in a viral video apparently suffocating dogs with plastic bags held over their heads.

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