World Rabies Day: Are Your Animal Companions Vaccinated?

Do you know when your dog’s or cat’s rabies vaccination expires? Forgetting can be deadly for all your loved ones.

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PETA Latino Hosts Its Biggest Spay/Neuter Event Yet, in Cancún

Cancún, Mexico, has a surplus of animals but no lack of heart. PETA Latino’s clinic helped residents care for their animal companions.

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Free Event! Let Ingrid Newkirk ‘Whisker’ You Away to the Secret World of Cats

Is it “pawsible” to learn the language of cats? Ingrid Newkirk is here to answer that question and much more in a free book talk all about cats. Save your spot (or stripes!) today.

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Injured Cats, Starving Sheep, and Chained Dogs: PETA Fieldworkers Help Them All

The “dog days” of summer are every day for PETA fieldworkers, who are outside helping chained dogs beat the heat.

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You’ve Never Seen Disney Dogs Like This PETA Artist’s Portrayal

Perdita in a puppy-breeding factory and Pluto chained? PETA’s satirical series reimagines these and other iconic Disney dogs.

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Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

Watch for Signs of Heatstroke in Pugs, French Bulldogs, and Other Breathing-Impaired Breeds During Heat Wave

Amid record-breaking heat waves, breathing-impaired breeds—including pugs and French bulldogs—may struggle to survive.

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PETA Names the Top Things That Hit Video Game ‘Stray’ Gets Right About Cats

The hit video game Stray points out many important struggles that “outdoor cats” face, and it’s getting top marks from PETA for its accuracy.

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Your Family’s Mission This Summer? Help Dogs Survive Hot Weather!

Has your family ever spotted a dog left in a hot car? PETA Kids shares information on how to take immediate action as well as helpful tips for keeping animals cool this summer.

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After PETA’s Rescue, Formerly Chained Chihuahua Is Unrecognizable (Video)

Tiny Henry was chained outside in all weather extremes—all day, every day. Watch his new guardian’s emotional reaction to seeing him before he was rescued by PETA.

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PETA Rescued 12-Week-Old Finnegan From Under a Mobile Home—Now He Awaits Adoption

Meet Finnegan, a 12-week-old, fiery-orange kitten rescued from under a mobile home by PETA fieldworkers. Now he’s awaiting adoption!

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The PETA Shop: Apparel, Accessories, and More!

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Why You Should Never ‘Like’ or Share Videos of Animals Being Teased on Social Media

If you come across a social media post or video showing animals being teased, speak out: Leave feedback and help inform others about why these things are harmful. Learn what to say now.

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PETA Fieldworkers Free Gandalf From Life on a Chain—Now That’s What We’re ‘Tolkien’ About!

Gandalf jumped for joy when PETA fieldworkers arrived to rescue him. Meet this sweet boy and some of the other hundreds of animals helped recently, and learn how you can support this vital work.

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Get Crafty With Your Kids and Make Beds for Dogs and Cats in Need

Help kids help animals. Use this step-by-step guide to make creative, comfy beds for the dogs and cats at your local animal shelter—or your animal companions.

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Can You Help Blue Beat the Baby Blues?

After bringing home a new baby, a family realizes the noisy newcomer is giving their retiring cat the blues.

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Is ‘Board and Train’ a Good Idea? Learn From These Horror Stories: Your Dog Should Never Be Trained Without You

Leaving your dog with a stranger is a terrible idea under any circumstances—it’s confusing and scary for your dog, and it’s an invitation to disaster. Mugshot’s guardian learned this the hard way.

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