This Will Brighten Your Day: Santa Fe Just Banned Animal Acts

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Santa Feans demanded a more compassionate city, and their leaders have delivered—the New Mexico city is the latest in the country to ban wild-animal acts!

Led by bill sponsor Councilor Signe Lindell, in an 8-1 vote, the Santa Fe City Council passed the new ordinance that bans exhibiting wild animals in circuses, petting zoos, and other traveling entertainment acts. However, rodeos are exempt from the ban.

Lindell introduced the measure earlier this year, and PETA’s supporters in the city have been vocal in their backing of it.

“We’re ready tonight to say Santa Fe will not tolerate the known cruelty that these exotic performing animals suffer,” Lindell said on the evening of the vote.

For over an hour, animal advocates ruled the city council hearing on the ban. PETA was there in full force and provided council members with video evidence of animal abuse, alerted over 3,500 local supporters, and had a spokesperson present testimony.

Unstoppable Momentum

Santa Fe now joins New York City, San Francisco, and other cities in banning exhibitors who profit from animal misery. Numerous venues, communities, and even entire countries have also banned various wild-animal acts in circuses.

This year, Illinois became the first state to ban traveling elephant acts. For circuses still abusing animals, the message is loud and clear: The future of entertainment is animal-free.

PETA thanks the responsible leadership of Santa Fe. We look forward to a day when circuses and other businesses that beat, whip, and electrically shock animals are shunned everywhere in the world.

Let’s End All Animal Acts

If circuses want to save themselves from dwindling attendance and—ultimately—their demise, they’ll need to eliminate all animal acts. Please help tigers, bears, camels, and all the other animals forced to perform by speaking out against these circuses today:

Note: PETA supports animal rights, opposes all forms of animal exploitation, and informs the public on those issues. It does not directly or indirectly participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office or any political party.


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