PETA’s 2018 Company of the Year Made Boss Move by Banning Meat

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Raising awareness of the meat industry’s violent abuse of animals and the environmental destruction that it causes takes work. But PETA’s 2018 Company of the Year, the New York–based shared-workspace giant WeWork, proves that any business can help save animals and the planet.

Earlier this year, WeWork told its global staff that it will no longer supply meat at company events or in the self-serve food and drink kiosks in its more than 450 locations. In addition, the company’s roughly 6,000 employees will not be reimbursed for any meals containing cow, lamb, chicken, duck, turkey, or pig flesh.

PETA's 2018 Company of the Year

Earlier this year, WeWork also received PETA’s Compassionate Business Award for its bold policy that will spare roughly 3 million animals annually.

WeWork cocreator Miguel McKelvey told The New York Times that the policy comes from an “awareness and a mindfulness perspective” and that the company wanted “to develop personal accountability in our team.” Go, WeWork!

It’s no surprise that a company passionate about sustainability would ban meat.

Animal-based agriculture uses 83 percent of the world’s available farmland and is a catalyst for deforestation. Farm cesspools filled with animal feces, urine, rotting body parts, and concentrated chemicals pollute natural resources and poison communities unfortunate enough to live next to them.

As a company, WeWork can save “an estimated 16.7 billion gallons of water, 445.1 million pounds … of CO2 emissions, and over 15 million animals by 2023 by eliminating meat at our events,” WeWork stated in an e-mail—obtained by CNN—to employees.

Work to Save Sensitive Animals From a Miserable Life and Terrifying Death: Go Vegan

Leaving animals off your plate is the easiest job in the world. Best of all, you’ll prevent nearly 200 of them every year from enduring violence and rampant abuse in the meat, egg, fish, and dairy industries—where many are crammed into filthy sheds or tiny cages, routinely mutilated, and slaughtered by having their throats slit, often while they’re still conscious.

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