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The new reality show, “The Two Coreys,” premieres this Sunday at 10pm EST on A&E, and PETA Campaigner Nicole Matthews is on the show. There’s been a lot of office chatter about it and it sounds like it’s going to be off the hook. In more good news, we’ve got a sneak peek for you here. Check out the video below, and read on for our interview with Corey Feldman and his lovely wife Susie.

Oh, and here are the details of the show, from the producers:

After a long hiatus, the “Two Coreys” are finally reunited when Corey Haim comes to stay with his best friend, Corey Feldman, and his wife, Susie. But a lot has changed in the years they have been apart—Feldman is married, a devout vegetarian, animal activist, and a non-smoker. Haim, still single and a committed carnivore, finds himself at odds with Feldman’s new lifestyle and struggles to adjust to the rules of the house. The tension peaks when Haim disrupts an important dinner meeting between the Feldmans and a PETA representative.

So how did you first get involved with PETA?

Corey: I’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years now; I’ve been doing animal rights activist type stuff for that length of time. But the first project I did with PETA was about 6 years ago when I was doing The Surreal Life when I married Susie and did the Meet Your Meat Campaign.

What was it like working on that project?

Corey: It was cool—for me it’s really hard because as a major animal lover it’s hard for me to actually sit through that stuff. I believe those videos are made for people who don’t get it at all and need a wake up call. And if you’re already there, it’s kind of disturbing and kind of superfluous. I couldn’t actually watch the video—I had to basically narrate it with my eyes closed.

What was it exactly that first made you go vegetarian?

Corey: When I was 8 years old, my parents wouldn’t let me do it, and I think I was about 12 or 13 when I made the final decision like, “I know what I’m doing and if you don’t like it, too bad.” And that actually came though the influence at the time of Michael Jackson and Stephen Spielberg, because I was working on the film The Goonies. I was eating a steak one day and he sat down next to me and was mooing and saying, “You realize you’re eating a cow right? Why are you doing that?” And then I became friends with Michael and he was vegetarian at the time but no longer is an advocate—but at the time he was very influential in that world. But he brought me to his house and had his chef prepare me my first vegetarian dinner which basically helped sell it. So between the two of them I was like, “OK that’s it forget it, all bets are off.”

And then you didn’t look back?

Corey: Never once.

So what would you say to someone who thinks it’s just too hard to be vegetarian?

Corey: Well it’s a list of cop outs for everybody. Everyone’s number one argument, especially people who are hardcore carnivores; their number one reason is always “Well if you go back to the Bible, the Bible said that animals were put on this Earth to eat and that’s what they’re there for.” And I’m like, “Look guys, the Bible was written 2,000 years ago. We didn’t have science, we didn’t have technology, we didn’t have education, we didn’t have supplements; we didn’t have all these things. You were either eating raw corn stalk or cook an animal, so I get it. But we’ve evolved and the world, the Earth, the human race, it’s an evolutionary process and we must evolve as human beings. But I guess the big answer is there are so many options with meat substitutes where you can live a happy and healthy life and still get the taste requirements met.

In the episode that’s about to air with Nicole Matthews from PETA, how does the whole dinner go over?

Corey: It’s kind of a train wreck but that’s kind of what makes the whole episode work so well and kind of what made the point go across so well. Because what happens in the episode is Nicole comes over and we’re having this great dinner and it’s really informative and the point of it is we’re trying to figure out a new campaign to do with PETA. What happened was Corey found her very attractive, so he starts like hitting on her. We had sort of set up a blind date and he was gonna go off with her as we did our business, but he ended up sending that girl home so that he could focus on Nicole. Nicole does as any great PETA representative would do, she sees that as a great open door to use that as a sales pitch. So she goes in of course and finds some videos and they’re talking about it and he acts really interested. And it ends up that he takes her to the Jacuzzi and tries to talk her into getting in the Jacuzzi with him. We’re not going to say how it was resolved because that would give away the first episode…

It’s great that you use your platform to get that message out there when so many people just don’t think about that kind of thing.

Corey: We feel it’s the only reason we’re given these opportunities. I don’t think that I would have the following that I do unless there’s a reason. It’s very important to me that I reach all these people, and it works. Because I feel that you can be an actor or a musician or a celebrity and it can all be about “bling” and it can all be about you. It can be all about this self indulgent morality that people walk around with these days. Or you can care on a higher level about what’s happening with the rest of the universe and the world and the people in it, and the animals in it.

You mentioned environmentalism a bit, do you see a tie in between being a vegetarian and helping the environment?

Susie: All of our cleaning products, lotions, shampoos, and toothpaste are organic and non-chemical, non-animal tested. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to be against animal testing, but it goes hand in hand. You know the rainforest that’s cut down or the land that’s cleared for cattle and factory farm animals, the destruction of the rain forest specifically for beef cattle is mind boggling to the both of us that they would destroy a very precious eco system just so cows have a place to eat grass. The people in South America don’t even really get to eat that beef but the land is being destroyed for it, and definitely the methane that’s produced from the cows and pigs. It’s definitely contributing to global warming. It’s hard for people to wrap their minds around the fact that their cheeseburger is making global warming worse. I think it’s an important message for people to get, but it’s hard for people to put the two together and make the connection.

If you have any advice for someone who wants to get involved with helping animals in any way possible, what would it be?

Corey: Anything and everything. You can do the smallest little thing by donating your time by working at an animal shelter. You can work with adopt a pet. There are so many things in any city and any state and most parts of the world that can be done. Going back to the problem in Australia with the sheep…it’s such a universal problem. You look at companies like Uggs, which is one that we’re targeting because they don’t tell you that they use sheep skin for the parts. They just say, “Look at these cool boots, we’re just using wool.” You don’t really find out that they’re actually killing the sheep to get the wool. PETA has a really informative list of the companies that are using animal free products and ones that aren’t. Although it seems minuscule, making that one little change of not buying those products and not supporting those companies will force their hand. So just keeping in touch with PETA, checking the website, getting put on the email list makes a difference.

Well great, thank you so much for taking time to talk to us!

Corey: Oh, one last thing. If you could also send people a link to my website which is, I got The Positive Fame award from the Wildlife Way Station last year. Events like that, which is kind of subliminal advertisement for all things positive. The first step is about PETA and as soon as the stories come out we’ll automatically link to the PETA website. So there are always positive things to do where people can make a difference.

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