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It’s that time again, folks, where we pick out one researcher from a pool of the most cold-hearted animal abusers in the business who has distinguished himself over his colleagues with an unswerving dedication to senseless cruelty and bad science. The voter turnout for last week was abysmal, since most commenters were so disgusted that they couldn’t choose between the two candidates, but the show must go on—and last week’s winner (by a hair) was UConn’s David Waitzman, who got a last-minute boost in the voting after his sick practices were outed on the front page of his own University’s newspaper.

Now it’s time to reach for those barf bags and hit the ballots, because we’ve got a tight head-to-head battle this week between a cat-torturer and a man who has killed almost every kind of animal in his 30-year career. Drum roll, please …

Moshe Solomonow, UC Denver.

UCHSC/Creative Commons

Moshe’s medium is cats, and his experiment of choice involves cutting open their backs down to their spinal cords in order to attach “S” hooks to their spinal ligaments. A whistleblower at the university recently contacted PETA to inform us that the drug the cats were being given as an anesthetic for these barbaric experiments did not appear to be effective and that the cats were still moving and struggling after the drug was administered. You can learn more about Moshe’s lengthy career working with house cats here.

Thomas Langfitt, UPenn (deceased).

collphyphil/Creative Commons

When the Philadelphia College of Physicians announced their decision to endow a chair in honor of the notorious Thomas Langfitt this year, animal lovers everywhere were horrified. Mr. Langfitt spent three decades “studying” trauma by smashing the heads and bodies of live dogs, pigs, monkeys, and other animals, and ultimately had his funding cut off when he repeatedly delivered crippling blows to the heads of baboons at UPenn, following PETA’s release of video footage taken by the experimenters themselves, in which they ridiculed the primates and appeared to take pleasure in inflicting pain on them. You can read our letter to the group here. Langfitt is dead now. Let’s make sure his legacy dies with him.

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to vote, and stay tuned next week,* when we’ll be talking about some folks who really don’t like mice.

*The PETA Files cannot guarantee that they will remember to do this next week.


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