Shocking Video Shows Smiling Man Throwing a Dog off Roof

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A gut-wrenching video making international headlines shows a man smiling for the camera as he throws a dog off a roof, sending her plummeting down two stories. She can be heard screaming out in pain when she hits the ground.

The man in the video and the man who filmed it were reportedly arrested after they were identified as medical students by some people who saw the video. The men were believed to be hiding out in their hometown in Southern India after the video began to spread. While they were quickly released on bail, they were apparently also suspended from their school—a step in the right direction if they are the perpetrators, but far from justice.

It’s despicable that people would get their kicks from filming themselves throwing a dog off a roof. The actions of the individuals seen in this video should cause universal concern. A glaring lack of empathy and a sick desire to exert power over the helpless frequently manifest in other antisocial ways, including further violent crimes against animals and fellow humans.

No one who shows such a shocking lack of regard for life should be allowed to practice medicine. PETA India has written to the men’s college calling for their permanent expulsion if they are found guilty of this crime, and the group also urged the police to apply Section 429 of the Indian Penal Code, which carries a punishment of up to five years’ imprisonment and a fine.

Miraculously, the dog, who was thought to be dead, was found alive cowering under a staircase.

Her rescuers said that she was so frightened as a result of the trauma that she was shivering and urinated when she was picked up.

Now named Bhadra, she can’t walk well, but her rescuers note that even after her ordeal, she continues to wag her tail. We hope this sweet girl makes a full recovery and knows only love and affection for the rest of her life, like all dogs deserve. You can stay up to date on Bhadra’s ongoing veterinary care and recovery on Facebook.

Never be silent when you witness animal abuse!

Thanks to the dedication of compassionate people who were outraged by this senseless act of violence, the word spread and authorities were able to catch those believed to be responsible. Even if you live on the other side of the world, sharing Bhadra’s story will discourage animal abusers everywhere from thinking that they can get away with cruelty. Animals all over the planet need your help and your voice to keep them safe. Let your friends, family, and social media followers know that caring people won’t tolerate abuse.

And if you live in India, please take a moment to sign a petition asking the government to strengthen cruelty-to-animals laws:

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