Top 10 Father’s Day Ideas!

Published by PETA Staff.
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Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, and I am absolutely certain that most people reading this are still procrastinating about buying their gift or planning their day. The good people at PETA (read: I) put together this list of some of the best things to do with or for Dad this year, so you really have no excuse to just buy a card or issue a pile of IOUs for mowing the lawn.

10. Get Dad a nonleather belt or wallet. You can find great alternatives at Eddie Bauer, Timberland, Vans, or just about any other retailer or online shopping site imaginable.

9. Clean up Dad’s home office or the garage. He’s got more important things to do on Father’s Day than stand among his clutter and play “find the floor.” For advice on what your weapons of choice in this endeavor should be, go through our list of cruelty-free companies.

8. Put together a gift basket full of small treats for Dad. Consider throwing in some homemade or store-bought vegan cookies, meat-free jerky strips, and a new coffee mug (I’m partial to this one) filled with a bag of shade-grown coffee. The best thing about gift baskets is that they’re very do-it-yourself, so get creative!

7. Go back to basics and get Dad a nice, silk-free tie: the staple of Father’s Day gifts. You can find polyester or other synthetic fibers everywhere, so get Dad an accessory not made from insect cocoons (barf!).

6. Dog lovers can go grab a picnic lunch and a few four-legged friends and head to the dog park. Although any safe spot with a patch of grass, water, and a Frisbee will do, you should check our list of the best dog parks in the country in case you’re lucky enough to be within driving distance to any of them.

5. Help Dad fight the battle against scruff with a shaving kit from Jack Black. None of their products is tested on animals, and many are completely free of animal-derived ingredients. They’ve even put out an amazing shave brush made of synthetic materials for men who aren’t fond of rubbing their faces on a big mound of badger hair.

4. Bust out the grill! There are a ton of animal-free grilling options that he’ll happily devour. My Dad is crazy about mushrooms, but faux meats such as veggie burgers are a simple, foolproof fallback for the inexperienced chef.

3. If you’re intimidated by open flames, propane, or the thought of expending effort, take Dad out to lunch or dinner. You can find vegetarian options at pretty much any chain restaurant. No muss, no fuss, and no second-degree burns.

2. Your dad should love absolutely anything made by Herban Cowboy. I found their all-natural soap at an organic grocer and spent a solid 10 minutes sniffing it through the packaging before employees started to stare. Guys, be sure to buy one for yourself too.

1. Sports fans can head to the ballpark. More and more baseball stadiums (and other venues) are carrying veggie dogs so that you can go enjoy the traditional pastime without all the cholesterol and general nastiness of eating a tube of flesh of unknown origin.


Posted by Sean Conner

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