New PETA U.K. Animation Reveals Twisted ‘Tail’ of Pig Slaughter

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Next time someone says, “But bacon …,” show them this cartoon. A beaming father and his young daughters are about to tuck into a meaty breakfast when the curious girls ask about their father’s job. He launches into a catchy tune about his work as a pig farmer—but things quickly take a sinister turn. It’s all singing and dancing until the video reveals the horrific reality of what’s involved in turning gentle pigs into sausages, bacon, and ham.

We’ll say no more—just watch for yourself:

PETA U.K. released this video, which features rubber hose animation reminiscent of beloved cartoons such as The Ren & Stimpy Show, in collaboration with top London advertising agency Grey.

two children and father eating animal-derived foods

Pigs Enjoy Music

Pigs are sensitive, intelligent individuals who, like humans, enjoy games and music. Mother pigs even sing to their babies.

They value their lives, just as we do, and they don’t want to be turned into bacon.

an illustration of a beautiful farm with a rainbow going across the sky

‘Happy’ Pig Farms? A Big Fat Lie

Most of the 121 million pigs killed for their flesh in the U.S. every year are crammed into barren concrete pens and deprived of fresh air and sunshine.

Farmers routinely subject pigs to painful mutilations, such as cutting off their tails and grinding down their sensitive teeth, usually without painkillers.

At slaughterhouses, the animals are hoisted upside down by their back legs and their throats are cut—often without effective stunning.

Eating Sausages Is Linked to Health Issues

Studies show that even moderate consumption of processed meat increases the risk of bowel cancer. Conversely, vegans are less likely to suffer from heart disease, certain types of cancer, diabetes, and strokes.

Meat Production Costs the Earth

The United Nations Environment Programme has called meat production the world’s “most urgent problem” on account of the huge quantities of greenhouse gases the industry produces, which contribute to the climate catastrophe.

an illustration of pigs in paradise, playing harps, and lounging by a river

On the flipside, vegan diets generate 75% less climate-heating emissions than diets containing more than 100 grams of meat a day.

Open Someone Else’s Eyes to Pigs’ Suffering

You can help pigs simply by sharing this video:

Go Vegan for Pigs

The best way to spare clever pigs suffering and a painful death is to go vegan. Grab your free vegan starter kit to learn more:

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