Did This Spooky Halloween Candy Ad Just Demonize Fishing?

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Given the onslaught of hunting and fishing, animal rights activists snicker (yes, pun totally intended) when these real-life serial killers receive a little poetic justice.

Imagine our surprise when we saw this new Snickers anti-fishing ad, which depicts a human preying on fish, only to become the prey himself. The commercial, titled “Live Bait,” is part of a running series of spooky Halloween-themed commercials called “Bite Size Horror.” Check it out here:


Co-writer Gabriel Miller stated that the anti-fishing ad idea came to him while he was fishing near his family home in Denmark.

“Out on the water, all alone, I started thinking about how unfair fishing is on the fish,” Miller told Adweek. “It’s a hobby that feels so inherently wholesome but in reality it’s quite violent and brutal. It got me thinking about if the tables were turned and the fish got some kind of revenge. Hopefully that comes across in the finished film.”

Oh, no worries, Mr. Miller. We think the message comes across loud and clear. As one hunter wrote on a hunting-and-fishing message board, “The concept of being scary is good but [I] think it is anti-fishing. Like something [PETA] would put out.” Cheers, sir!

Dragging people by a hook pierced through their mouth and drowning them is more than adequate material for a horror-movie plot.

Fish suffer greatly when caught and killed for their flesh. Whether they’re caught by hook or net, research shows that they experience fear and pain—just as all animals do.

When fish and other aquatic animals are pulled from the water, they undergo painful decompression, which can make their eyes explode out of their head and their guts come out through their mouths. Those who survive being yanked from the water slowly suffocate before they’re hacked apart—or crushed by the weight of other animals—while they’re still conscious.

Fish have more depth of character than any mainstream horror-movie protagonist. They enjoy companionship, develop relationships with each other, and even show affection by gently rubbing against one another. They have individual personalities, communicate with each other, and grieve when their companions die. They’re even capable of remembering past social interactions that they had with other fish.

Give fish and all other animals the happy lives that they deserve—go vegan today.

More fish are killed for their flesh each year than all other animals combined. The best thing that you can do for them is to leave them in the lake and off your plate. Order a FREE vegan starter kit today.

Of course, we recommend only vegan candy. Here’s a handy list:

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