Which Two ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Actors Reunited for Dogs?

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Theo Rossi and Emilio Rivera—known for their tough-guy roles on shows like Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C.—joined PETA to help challenge cultural norms and prove that real strength comes from protecting animals and never chaining them. Theo and Emilio are showing the world that being tough doesn’t mean being heartless and that the greatest strength of all is the power to love and care for all living, feeling beings.

Theo Rossi and Emilio Rivera pose in front of a gate with Jenni, a black and white dog, at their feet. There is a broken chain at her paws. Rivera holds a pair of metal cutters in one hand, and the remainder of the chain in the other.

Dogs give us so much—they provide us with comfort, companionship, and unconditional love. Shouldn’t we do the same? Dogs are pack animals who crave companionship. They aim to please their guardians, and they want to spend time with their human families and live with them indoors.

What’s tough, what’s macho is being the example, being a light in animals’ lives. That’s tough.

—Theo Rossi

When dogs are sentenced to a life on a chain, they are often forgotten about and deprived of food, water, proper veterinary care, and—of course—the freedom of movement. They’re also denied crucial time with family and other dogs.

Chained dogs are exposed to searing heat, bitter cold, rain, and wind, putting them at risk for heat exhaustion, frostbite, and exposure. Chains can wrap around trees or other objects, water bowls can easily tip over, and food can quickly spoil in summer or freeze in winter.

Some people want a “guard dog” who will bark at intruders, but chained dogs bark out of frustration, fear, and loneliness, which can turn into a public nuisance, triggering threats from annoyed neighbors and making them susceptible to the cruel acts of passersby. Dogs have been tortured, poisoned, shot, stabbed, abducted, set on fire, and abused in countless other ways.

Yeah, sometimes you think, Why is my dog barking so much? Because you got him chained up.

That’s why he’s screaming. He wants your help. It’s heartbreaking, you know? It really is, because they give us so much.

—Emilio Rivera

You want to be a “real man,” as they say? Protect animals.

“Real men” don’t abuse dogs, and this includes physical violence, neglect, and emotional abuse. Instead, they treat them with unconditional love and respect by providing them with safe homes and the care that they need to thrive. Keep chains on bikes and off dogs.

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