BREAKING: Animals Face Drowning in Ukrainian Flood Zone!

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As thousands of Ukrainians flee rapidly rising floodwaters resulting from the destroyed Kakhovka dam, rescuers supported by PETA’s Global Compassion Fund are headed into the danger zone. We know from past flood rescues that frightened animals will desperately cling to floating objects, climb or swim to upper floors to escape rising water, and do whatever else they can to survive when the humans they know suddenly disappear.

You can throw animals a lifeline by making an emergency gift now to PETA’s Global Compassion Fund.

Since just days after the war in Ukraine began, PETA Germany has teamed up with many organizations to help as many animals there as possible. This strong network, supported by PETA’s Global Compassion Fund, feeds thousands of dogs each week and has rescued more than 11,000 animals so far.

Watch the Global Compassion Fund–backed team Animal Rescue Kharkiv (ARK) on a “day in the life” as they help dog Piglet and countless others:

With your help, here are just some of the remarkable accomplishments that teams supported by PETA’s Global Compassion Fund have achieved in Ukraine:

  • Teams have rescued more than 11,000 animals so far.
  • PETA Germany has collected and delivered more than 3 million pounds of food (1.4 million kilograms) for animals in the country.
  • After support from the Global Compassion Fund helped rebuild ARK’s bombed clinic, 2,964 severely injured animals (and counting) received veterinary care.
  • ARK teams save 100 animals each week. Global Compassion Fund support helps with transportation, medical supplies, and much more.
  • ARK is caring for 1,000 cats and dogs in Kharkiv—rescuing and finding new homes for animals as well as reuniting them with their families.

The Food Network

A group of dedicated advocates is risking their lives to provide a steady supply of food for dogs, cats, horses, and donkeys.

Countless cats and dogs roamed Ukraine streets, struggling to survive, even before the war. When the bombs began falling, they were joined by thousands more who were abandoned when their guardians fled or were killed. Each month, PETA Germany works with a European supplier to optimize ingredients and the size and weight of each bag of food so that no space is wasted and distributions can be made as quickly and efficiently as possible.

PETA Germany has orchestrated the creation and delivery of more than 3 million pounds of food (1.4 million kilograms) for animals in Ukraine—check out some of the grateful recipients as ARK distributes the supply around Kharkiv:

This supply has saved countless lives, particularly during the difficult winter months. To show just how vital it is, partners UAnimals and Humanna Kraina recently gave PETA Germany the All-Ukrainian Animal Protection Award. UAnimals was alongside PETA Germany from the beginning, helping to distribute the first 20-ton delivery of food. From that point on, UAnimals, ARK, Humanna Kraina, and several other organizations have regularly received large shipments of food that they promptly deliver to animals in need.

How You Can Help Animals

PETA Germany and its partners’ determination and grit have helped thousands of animals in Ukraine survive famine, injuries, and other traumatic experiences. PETA Germany’s volunteers put their own safety on the line every day as they deliver food and veterinary care and transport animals out of the war zone. Global Compassion Fund donors make this work possible, and you can join the many who are helping animals in Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, and elsewhere by donating today!

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