Horror Stories of Petco Betta Fish the Stores Don’t Want You to See

Published by Michelle Kretzer.

If you’ve ever found yourself staring at the rows and rows of betta fish piled on top of each other in tiny plastic cups of water barely larger than their own bodies at Petco and wished you could do something to help them, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, as these patrons found out the hard way, the Petco employees and managers they asked to help sick and dying fish completely failed them.

Petco Betta Fish in Tiny Plastic Cup Filled with Dirty Water


Bad Petco Review About Betta Fish

Bad Petco Review about Betta Fish

Bad Petco Review About Betta Fish

Dead Betta Fish at Petco

Bad Petco Yelp Review about Betta Fish

Dead Betta Fish at Petco

Bad Petco Review about dead betta fish

Bad Petco Review about dead betta fish

one star petco review about dead betta fish

one star yelp review about petco

dead betta fish in tiny plastic cups at Petco

one star yelp review about petco

Person Reviews Petco After Seeing Dead Fish

Yelp Petco Review Exposes Sick Betta Fish

Petco advertises betta fish as decorations to “brighten up the office,” and it’s clear that the company views them as replaceable objects, too. Like a bouquet of flowers that withers away, the fish sit on the shelf until they die—and then are tossed aside.

Petco views animals as merchandise, and its disregard for their needs seemingly spills over to buyers who purchase the fish on a whim and neglect them afterward, as evidenced by these “product reviews” on the company’s website.Person Admits to Neglecting Betta FishPerson Admits to Not Feeding Betta Fish in ReviewPerson Admits to Not Feeding Betta Fish in ReviewQuestion about why fish survive without food

Bad Petco Review Because of Dead FishQuestion about Petco Betta FishPetco Review Betta FishReview of Betta Fish from PetcoPoor Review of Petco

Poor Review of Petco Betta Fish

Betta Fish review of Petco

PETA’s investigations revealed that betta fish are individually confined to tiny bags that contain hardly enough water to keep their bodies fully submerged and that are stuffed into boxes for transport. Many fish die before and during shipment to retailers, which can take days. At the stores, they’re placed in tiny plastic cups, which are sometimes haphazardly piled on top of one another, even though Petco acknowledges on its website that the fish breathe by swimming to the surface. The way these fish are sold leads people to believe that they should be denied companionship, even though female bettas will live together happily and males peacefully coexist with other species of fish.

Betta Fish in Tiny Cup at Petco

Tell Petco that these animals aren’t merchandise and demand that the company end sales of betta fish immediately.

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