Happy Pride Month! PETA Latino Celebrates Animal-Friendly LGBTQ Celebs

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We’re celebrating Pride Month by honoring the fearless LGBTQ Latinx celebrities who are inspiring people around the world to live their truth and campaigning for the rights of their community and animals alike. These stars have taken on a number of industries that still exploit animals—without such dedicated activists out there making a positive difference, the animal rights movement wouldn’t be what it is today. Here are just a few of the celebs who are proud to stand with PETA Latino for animals!

Carmen Carrera

Model and actor Carmen Carrera, who is renowned for speaking out about transgender and other LGBTQ issues, also uses her social media platforms and her voice to draw attention to the fact that animals are beaten and skinned alive for their fur. Just feast your eyes on her stunning “Transform Your Wardrobe: Don’t Wear Fur” ad. As she says, we can all protect animals by going fur-free, “because the power is in our hands, and it’s all about activating our own will.” Check out her inspiring video:

Lauren Jauregui

Cuban-American singer Lauren Jauregui earned her halo by appearing in a “Be an Angel to Animals” ad for PETA Latino, in which she let her fans know that there are hundreds of ways to help animals—including by adopting dogs, never buying them from breeders or pet stores.

Juan Pablo Di Pace

Actor Juan Pablo Di Pace can be seen everywhere, from Netflix series to movies to musical theater. One place that you won’t find him, though, is at a circus that uses animals. Unlike the Fuller House star, animals don’t have a choice when it comes to performing. That’s why he appeared in a provocative ad urging people to “extinguish circus cruelty.” “What we don’t see on the other side of the tent is usually a pretty bad deal [for animals],” he says. Hear what else he has to say about circuses:

Christian Chávez

Christian Chávez played Patricio Aguirre, the beloved best friend of Virginia de la Mora during her youth, on the hit series La Casa de las Flores.


Christian was a hero to animals in a PETA Latino public service announcement, encouraging everyone to speak out whenever they witness bullying, including acts of cruelty to animals. Take a peek behind the scenes of his shoot:


Half of the Grammy-winning duo Jesse & Joy, Joy wants people to run away from fur. That’s why she and Jesse starred in an in-your-face PETA Latino ad that draws back the curtain to reveal the horrors of the fur trade. Watch her emotional interview:


PETA Latino is celebrating the LGBTQ community this Pride Month by introducing you to some of the loudest voices for animals. All sentient beings can feel love, joy, pain, and fear, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or species. The compassionate action of PETA Latino’s celebrity supporters shows that together, we can break down barriers—like in Costa Rica, the first Central American country to legalize same-sex marriage—and make the world a better place for everyone.

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