PETA Pressure Puts NIH Director in the Hot Seat

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Thanks to PETA’s relentless exposure of the horrors and pointlessness of animal experiments, the director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is on the defensive about his agency’s squandering of 12 billion of our tax dollars and its support for animal suffering.

In a recent interview in the Washington Examiner, Francis Collins was asked the following question:

“PETA came out this year supporting budget cuts to the NIH, saying that cutting testing on animals would achieve significant savings. What can you tell us about where animal testing stands?”

But not even the director of the agency could make a convincing case in support of animal experiments. His lame answer revealed the trouble that he has excusing the anguish his agency continues to fund.

But we’ll tell you where animal testing stands.

One of our eyewitness investigations uncovered dogs who were deliberately bred to have crippling, painful muscular dystrophy at Texas A&M University and then forced to undergo years of painful experiments. Another revealed numerous atrocities at the University of Pittsburgh including mutilating rabbits and splitting open the intestines of mice and causing them a painful death. And we’ve exposed the hellish conditions that monkeys endure at Primate Products, Inc., the infamous primate importer and dealer that has received millions of dollars from NIH.

Just because they weren’t born human, these animals are being used as mere tools in the hands of experimenters. It’s as unethical to test on other animals who feel pain as it would be to test on humans. All sentient beings have an equal right to a life beyond cold and sterile laboratories.

We’re pressing Congress to cut the budget of NIH, the world’s largest funder of animal experiments, and to mandate that it focus on modern, non-animal research methods. Thanks to our efforts, it seems as if the days of wasting billions of tax dollars on NIH-funded experiments, no questions asked, might be about over.

What You Can Do

Click the button below to urge your congressional representatives to mandate that NIH stop wasting taxpayer money on cruel, useless animal experiments and instead focus on modern, non-animal methods of research.

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