The ‘Lettuce Ladies’ Meet Turkey (the Country, Not the Bird)

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UPDATE: It’s the last leg of the PETA ambassadors’ international tour! After stops in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, as well as Bucharest, Romania, PETA’s “Lettuce Ladies” touched down in Istanbul. There may have been a little rain overhead, but the streets filled with people when the ladies stepped out for photos and interviews.

the Lettuce Ladies are a vision in green as they make their way through rainy Istanbul

Lettuce Ladies pose with a man in the rain in Istanbul

collage of people gathering in front of the Lettuce Ladies in Istanbul

Prepared with signs in English and Turkish reading, “Start Fresh: Go Vegan,” they answered questions about the many benefits of leaving animals off our plates.

with green umbrellas, the lettuce ladies ride out a storm in Istanbul

As PETA’s international vegan ambassadors, the Lettuce Ladies have traveled to Turkey, Romania, Russia, and Cuba—and that’s just this year alone—to spread awareness of the many benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.

selfies in the rain--the Lettuce Ladies visit Istanbul

If you need tips and motivation to kick-start your vegan journey—or if you’re just curious and want to learn a little more—you can order a free vegan starter kit today.

a man braves the rain to meet a Lettuce Lady in Turkey

some light rain can't stop the Lettuce Ladies

Keep reading to see photos from every leg of the Lettuce Ladies’ multicountry vegan tour.

Originally posted August 16, 2017

The ‘Lettuce Ladies’ Head to Romania After Stops in Russia

After two stops in Russia, the “Lettuce Ladies” touched down in Romania. Check out these shots of our vegan ambassadors interacting with people on the busy streets of Bucharest.

a woman poses in between two Lettuce Ladies in Bucharest

Lettuce bikini free food samples

the Lettuce Ladies take a selfie in Romania

With signs in hand reading, “A New Beginning: Go Vegan” (in Romanian, of course), the ladies gave on-camera interviews and handed out delicious vegan food samples to all the new friends they made.

a reporter poses with the Lettuce Ladies in Bucharest, Romania

Lettuce Lady and fan meet in Bucharest

in Bucharest, a Lettuce Lady talks to a reporter about going vegan

This post will be updated as the Lettuce Ladies move to their next—and final—destination. Be sure to check back for more photo updates, and keep reading below to learn more about the outreach that the Lettuce Ladies are doing on their trip.

a man takes a selfie with a Lettuce Lady in Romania

Originally posted August 11, 2017

From Russia With Love: The ‘Lettuce Ladies’ Visit Saint Petersburg

After leaving Moscow, PETA’s international vegan ambassadors, the “Lettuce Ladies,” made their way to Saint Petersburg. On their first-ever trip to Russia, they are causing a stir while handing out delicious seitan sandwiches and fielding questions about all the benefits of eating vegan—for your personal health, the environment, and, of course, animals.

PETA's vegan ambassadors, the Lettuce Ladies, in action

As you can see in these photos, passersby couldn’t help but take notice.

man takes selfie with the Lettuce Ladies in Russia

Lettuce Ladies Russia Trip: crowd in St. (Saint) Petersburg

The Lettuce Ladies make new friends in Russia

The Lettuce Ladies know that animals need our talents, our bodies, and, most of all, our help. That’s why they’ll drop everything (except for some strategically placed leaves) to get as many people as possible to pay attention to the plight of animals used for food.

No matter what you’re wearing, get your body out to the streets. Attend a protest in your area, leave animal rights leaflets or literature at your local gym or coffee shop, attend a city council meeting, and get active to help animals in your community.

the back of a Lettuce Lady green robe

The Lettuce Ladies aren’t done yet. They’re heading to Bucharest, Romania, and Istanbul, Turkey, to spread the vegan love even more.

collage of the lettuce ladies russia trip

Originally posted August 8, 2017

PETA’s ‘Lettuce Ladies’ Serve Up a New Style of Russian ‘Dressing’

They’ve been to Cuba, China, and just about everywhere in between. But in a historic first, PETA’s vegan ambassadors, the “Lettuce Ladies,” who wear only strategically placed lettuce leaves, departed from John F. Kennedy International Airport on their first-ever flight to Russia—and that’s just the first stop on their journey.

PETA's Lettuce Ladies depart JFK for Russia

With signs in hand reading, “Start Fresh: Go Vegan,” they gave out delicious seitan sandwiches to people in Moscow. Heads were turning as folks went to meet them and enjoy the delicious plant-based samples.

streets of Moscow, PETA Lettuce Ladies

Russian woman meets a Lettuce Lady

Russian man takes selfie with the Lettuce Ladies

Lettuce Ladies pose in front of Moscow landmarks

But Moscow is just one city that will get a taste of the Lettuce Ladies’ unique style of Russian dressing. The women will stop in St. Petersburg to hand out more vegan food before they head on to Romania and Turkey.

side by side collage of the Lettuce Ladies in Moscow

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