This Mother’s Day, Help Mom Help Moms

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Noooo! How does it happen every year? Mother’s Day is just six days away, and all you’ve got prepared for dear old Mom is an impromptu poem on the phone. Or the old standby, flowers. But does it have to be that way? Noooo!

Here are some gifts that will delight your mom while helping other moms:

  • Give her some dairy-free chocolates. They’re delicious and affordable, and they help prevent mother cows from having their male calves taken away from them in the dairy industry.
  • If you’re making Mom breakfast in bed, opt for a tofu scramble. Then no mama hens will have been exploited for their eggs, and you’ll help keep Mom healthy. Plus, tofu scramble is delicious—it tastes great in “huevos” rancheros.
  • For dinner, treat her to vegan veal chops—great cuisine without the cruelty.
  • For a little glamour on the cheap, give her a bunny-heart necklace. This lovely little piece of jewelry will subtly help her share her love for animals in style.
  • Thank Mom for being sweet to animals with Sweet Anthem Handmade Perfumes. They are vegan and cruelty-free, which means that nobunny got hurt in testing.
  • If she’s a whiz in the kitchen, how about giving Mom the new vegan cookbook Betty Goes Vegan? It’s got all the classic Betty Crocker recipes, but they’ve been updated for the compassionate cook. Or perhaps these tea towels are for her. They show that her kitchen is animal-free and that her decorating style is adorable.
  • Present her with tickets to an animal-free circus. It’s kind of hard to appreciate your mom while you watch elephants who were shackled and beaten in front of their mothers. Check out Cirque du Soleil or one of the many other dazzling spectacles of human entertainment.
  • Tell her that she’s beautiful with the Beauty Without Bunnies cosmetics bag. It even comes with a free lip balm!
  • Can’t think of the right thing to give her? How about a PETA gift certificate? She can pick out anything she wants from hundreds of items in our catalog. Does she need a “Vegetarians Against Spam” shirt? Yeah, we’ve got that.
  • Or just spoil her a little with a PETA membership. She’ll receive PETA’s wildly popular magazine, PETA Global, plus discounts on PETA merchandise throughout the year!

It’s the one holiday when we get to celebrate Mom for all that she’s done for us, so show your appreciation by honoring all moms, from feathered to finned!

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