Clumsy Rangers Pitcher Kills and Eats Bull out of Spite; PETA Responds

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PETA has shamed Texas Rangers pitcher Martín Pérez after learning that the ballplayer with two left feet killed and ate a bull over a petty disagreement.

Pérez was on his ranch in Venezuela when a bull took notice and began charging. In an awkward attempt to step out of the way, Pérez fell and broke his elbow. After the incident, the disgruntled pitcher decided to punish the bull with a death sentence. Adding insult to injury, he gloated about eating the animal, whose only crime was bruising a bigheaded athlete’s ego.

Eating this bull was an unjustifiable, vengeful act that makes Pérez look small.

Normally, bulls are calm, passive giants who show aggression only after being provoked in some way. Zoologists claim that even the “charging” motion isn’t necessarily a sign that the animal is looking to fight—rather, he hopes to push away an aggressor in order to avoid a confrontation. Who knows what may have spooked this bull? Maybe he felt that he had to defend his family or turf from a threat, as any human would. Regardless of the reason, he paid with his life.

PETA is calling on the 26-year-old ballplayer to make up for his heartless act by going vegan. Obviously, he can’t bring this magnificent being back to life, but he could do something that would actually benefit him and animals and would inspire his fans to live more compassionately.

More Athletes Than Ever Are Going Vegan to Improve Their Game

Athletes are always searching for something to lift them above the competition. Given the numerous health benefits of vegan eating, it’s no surprise that many legendary champions found an advantage in ditching animal flesh and secretions.

Tom Brady, Zdeno Chara, JaVale McGee, Kyrie Irving, and Prince Fielder—just to name a few—went vegan to improve their game, shorten their recovery time, and prolong their careers.

What You Can Do

Maybe you’re not on the path to being a world-class athlete, but you can certainly eat like one. Going vegan reduces your risk of suffering from heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer, and best of all, it spares more than 100 animals a year daily suffering and a terrifying death.

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