News Flash: Jennings Has a New Co-Anchor

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Update: Jennings is no longer searching for a new co-anchor. He has been adopted by a work-at-home guardian who was looking for a companion for her 10-year-old dog, Madison. She found the perfect match with Jennings, who, in addition to hanging out with Madison, now spends his days snuggling in fluffy blankets, playing with lots of new toys, and admiring the Manhattan skyline. His ear problems have cleared up, and because he’s now strictly an indoor “news-cat-er,” they are unlikely to return. Sad that you missed out on adopting Jennings? Regularly check PETA’s blog for news on other cats (and dogs) who are up for adoption, or inquire about adoptable animals at [email protected].

Jennings in His New Home

Jennings in His New Home with Madison

Jennings in His New Home

Originally posted on June 17, 2014:

If you need any more convincing that allowing cats to roam outside is dangerous, just ask Jennings. No, not Peter Jennings—PETA’s Jennings. This news-cat-er has the latest scoop on the hazards of life on the streets.

Jennings, Cat Available for Adoption, Lying on Bed

Jennings’ guardian allowed him to roam outside unattended (and unneutered), which put him at risk of getting into fights with other cats and catching potentially serious diseases. And that is exactly what happened: At some point in his travels, Jennings contracted an ear infection, something that commonly afflicts “outside” cats.

Antibiotics and ear ointment probably would have cleared the infection up pretty quickly, but Jennings’ guardian couldn’t afford vet care, so she tried cleaning his ears herself. Over the ensuing months, the infection worsened and led to a hematoma on Jennings’ left ear. Eventually, the hematoma burst, causing Jennings a great deal of pain. That’s when his guardian contacted PETA for help.

We picked up Jennings and took him to one of our mobile spay-and-neuter clinics, where our vet staff cleaned the gaping ear wound, stitched it closed, gave Jennings antibiotics, and neutered him. However, because Jennings was spending so much time outdoors, he soon contracted ear mites in both ears (ear mites and ear infections often go hand-in-hand). Jennings started shaking his head constantly—a sure sign of ear problems. This time, his guardian called us right away instead of letting the situation worsen. Knowing that she lacked the means to care for Jennings properly, she surrendered him to PETA.

Jennings, Cat Available for Adoption

Now, Jennings is looking a new place to hang his press pass. Are you ready to be his co-anchor?

Contrary to the straight-laced image his name may conjure up, Jennings is a fun-loving cuddler. He promises to provide his adopter with a lifetime supply of (imaginary) biscuits, made fresh daily on his or her lap. When he’s not conducting undercover investigations in cardboard boxes, Jennings enjoys batting around and pouncing on toys. This anchpurrman is no prima donna: Jennings was previously living with several other cats as well as two large dogs, so he’s used to being part of a team. If you live on the East Coast, don’t wait until 11—get the latest news on Jennings now by e-mailing [email protected].

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