Iowa Vet Defends Hanging

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Veterinarian Paul Armbrecht during testimony in which he asserted thathanging animals from a forklift does not constitute cruelty

If you live in Iowa, make sure you don’t take your animals to a guy named Dr. Paul Armbrecht for a checkup. With a straight face and a full wallet (the good doctor was paid for histroubles), Dr. Armbrecht recently testified under oath that strangling pigs to death by hanging does not constitute cruelty to animals. In part due to this “expert” testimony from Dr. A., three hog farmers who were accused in a high-profile case of torturing pigs were let off with a slap on the wrist.

During an undercover investigation conducted by the Humane Farming Association at Wiles Hog Farm in Creston, Ohio, employees were caught killing sows by fastening a chain around their necks and attaching it to a front-end loader, which was hoisted into the air, strangling the animals to death over a period of four to five minutes. In addition to testifying that this was a reasonable form of “euthanasia,” the doctor opined that Wiles Farm’s practice of dragging, kicking, and dropping sows off a 4-foot ledge was an acceptable method of transporting the animals to their deaths.

Along with five other major animal protection organizations, we have asked the Iowa Veterinary Medical Association to immediately investigate this pathetic excuse for a veterinarian. The Iowa Veterinary Practice Act explicitly prohibits “knowingly making misleading, deceptive, untrue, or fraudulent representation in the practice of the profession,” and if his testimony is shown to have violated this clause, we’re asking them to immediately revoke his vet’s license.

As PETA VP Bruce Friedrich puts it, “Dr. Armbrecht’s testimony directly contradicts industry guidelines, which provide only the bare minimum of protection for animals. Giving the okay to a killing method that causes animals to slowly strangle to death makes Dr. Armbrecht a disgrace to the veterinary profession, and it opens the door for even more widespread abuse of animals.”

It’s a little tough to watch, but here’s some video footage of the practices that Dr. Armbrecht recently defended as being “humane.”

Please click here to contact the Iowa Vet Board about this issue now.

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