PETA’s True Halloween Horror Stories About Cats Allowed to Roam Outdoors

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Over decades, PETA has exposed the shocking violence inflicted on cats by cruel humans. These animals are simply trying to survive in a world in which humans have allowed them to reproduce so freely that homeless ones abound in every community across the nation.

Let the following gruesome, heartbreaking horror stories serve as a vital reminder to keep your cats indoors this Halloween and every day afterwards.

Scalped Black Cat Left on Owner’s Front Lawn

A poor mutilated cat was left sprawled out on the front lawn of his owner’s home in Schertz, Texas, with part of his scalp near the body. Investigators reportedly said that this type of crime involving black cats becomes more common around Halloween.

Dead Cat Strung Up and Cut Open—Images Shared on Social Media reported that a cat who had been allowed to roam outdoors in Asheville, North Carolina, without supervision was found dead and mutilated on the property of a grocery store. Authorities had apparently been “alerted to social media images showing the dead cat strung up and sliced open, posed with needles in [his or her] body and drugs in [his or her] mouth.” Two suspects had been apprehended, while a third was still at large.

Animal Shelters Suspend Black Cat Adoptions Ahead of Halloween—and for Good Reason

In October, many black cats are used as living decorations at costume and “spooky” parties, only to be dumped at animal shelters days afterwards. It’s no wonder that in the days leading up to Halloween, many shelters refuse to adopt out cats altogether. Russell Anderson, the superintendent of Lawton Animal Welfare in Oklahoma, suspended adoptions after his staff uncovered startling information. After looking at animal abuse trends locally and nationally, they noticed that incidents spiked around Halloween. Anderson told ABC 7 News that he’s seen instances of extreme abuse, including animal sacrifices.

Black Cats

A Black Cat and Several Other Cats Were Shot in the Face With Darts

It took several days finally to round up an injured cat named Destiny in the Phoenix area. Rescuers said that it looked like one of her eyes was close to falling out after she had been hit with a dart. Authorities received reports that other cats in the area had also been shot with darts. Destiny had to undergo surgery to remove the severely damaged eye. Thankfully, she recovered in foster care after this terrifying near-fatal experience. At the time of the report, no suspects had been identified.

Escaped Cat Shot Through the Lungs With an Arrow

No one should have to find a family member maimed and in agony on their doorstep, but that’s exactly what happened to this Pittsburgh couple. They rushed their cat Ollie to the veterinarian, where he had to be euthanized because of severe injuries from an arrow that had been shot through his lungs.

Black ‘Outdoor Cat’ Shot—May Have Lost a Leg

Despite all the dangers, a woman in Montcalm County, Michigan, allowed her 3-year-old black cat named Ryder to roam by himself. While he was described as a “lively” and “vibrant” cat, after his leg was shot and broken in two places, he reportedly just lay in his cat bed, barely able to move. It’s unclear whether he received surgery and whether his leg was amputated.

Man Beats Cat on the Hood of a Cop Car

According to a news report, a cat in Laguna Beach, California, died after being violently bashed against a police car. Officers determined that the deranged perpetrator had been abusing the animal before they arrived.

Cats Were Killed or Vanished While Serial Killer Was on the Loose

Police haven’t claimed that alleged serial killer Howell Emanuel “Trai” Donaldson III was responsible for cat deaths and disappearances in Tampa, Florida, but they occurred during the time when he committed murders and in the same neighborhood. While residents with animal companions hoped the incidents weren’t connected, the neighborhood went on high alert. Three cats, who were all allowed to roam freely by one resident, turned up dead or went missing.

Woman Finds a Burnt, Cut-Up Black Cat Inside a Bag on Halloween

A Sacramento, California, woman looked out her window to see three teens messing around with a bag. Inside, she reportedly found a mutilated, sickly looking black cat. She rushed the suffering animal to the vet, but the injuries were too severe and the cat had to be euthanized.

Black Cats

A Cat Was Found Dead With a Broken Jaw and Shooting Wounds

Reports state that a cat named Lilly was allowed to roam outdoors without supervision. It appears that she had been stomped on and shot in the head with a BB gun. Her body was taken to a veterinary hospital for a postmortem examination, which found a shattered jaw and a broken spine “as well as a 2 millimeter hole in [the] center of the cat’s skull and a 6 millimeter hole in the top of her mouth.”


Never allow cats to roam unattended. They can have a rich and stimulating life indoors. If you want your feline friend to enjoy the great outdoors, think about building a “catio” or take the time to leash-train your companion for safe and supervised time outside.

If you have the time, resources, and love to give an animal, adopt one from a local shelter. Never buy animals from pet stores or breeders, and be sure to stop the influx of unwanted animals in its tracks by spaying or neutering them.

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