Georgetown University Mascot Jack the Bulldog Dies at Just 4 Years Old—Speak Up for Him and Other Breathing-Impaired Dogs!

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Georgetown University is respected among academic institutions, but its treatment of animals merits scorn. The school’s live mascot, Jack the Bulldog, has died at only 4 years old. He lived only half of the already short life expectancy of bulldogs, who typically suffer from a lifetime of painful health ailments and respiratory issues as breathing-impaired breeds (BIB).

Bulldogs and other BIBs are bred to have flat faces and deformed nostrils, which make even the most basic activities—such as going for a walk, chasing a ball, or running—extremely difficult. These breeds are afflicted with an uncomfortable, debilitating, and sometimes fatal condition called brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS), meaning that even light exercise often leaves them wheezing, gagging, and choking. BOAS is also the leading cause of death for bulldogs.

If simple activities can be life-threatening for bulldogs, imagine how much they suffer when universities parade them around campus and force them to “perform” in front of noisy crowds at spirited events.

Bulldogs and other BIBs are at extreme risk for heatstroke even in moderate temperatures, and they’re 14 times more likely to suffer from heatstroke than dogs who aren’t flat-faced. Also, bulldogs are genetically predisposed to pulmonary stenosis, a heart abnormality that can lead to heart failure and premature death.

Some areas have banned breeding bulldogs and other BIBs because their health issues often prevent them from enjoying happy, healthy lives. As a prestigious university, Georgetown shouldn’t taint its reputation by promoting support for cruel breeders and driving demand for BIBs. It’s time for it to end its cruel, archaic tradition of exploiting bulldogs as live mascots and switch to using a costumed human.

brown and white English bulldog known as Jack the Bulldog wearing a blue Georgetown jersey

Urge Georgetown to Stop Using Live-Animal Mascots

Georgetown is reportedly expected to announce the next Jack the Bulldog in the coming weeks. Please urge it to stop using a live animal as its mascot.

Send polite comments to:

President John J. DeGioia
Office of the President
204 Healy Hall
37th and O streets N.W.
Washington, DC 20057-1789

[email protected]

Speak Up for Breathing-Impaired Breeds

If you want to help BIBs, don’t support the cruel dog-breeding industry, which causes dogs to suffer and exacerbates the companion animal overpopulation crisis. If you already have a breathing-impaired dog, please commit to making their life as fulfilling, healthy, and comfortable as you can—but pledge never to buy another one.

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