PETA’s February Was Proof That Love (for Animals) Is a Battlefield

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All February long, PETA entities worldwide were a global force for animals. Love was in the air for Valentine’s Day, and we helped people and companies everywhere get in touch with their sweeter side to help animals. And in true PETA fashion, we weren’t scared to get a little spicy when needed. Check out some of what we’ve been up to!

‘Vegans Make Better Lovers’

In Salt Lake City and Canada, our “Vegans Make Better Lovers” demonstrations brought foot traffic to a halt as people stopped to pose with our vegan volunteers in bed (dogs were welcome, too!) and ask questions about eating vegan.

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day? PETA entities around the world spread some vegan love by giving out free food to everyone they met. Check out these shots of PETA  Asia and PETA India staff and interns handing out free vegan starter kits and vegan candy.

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PETA’s Vegan Police Were Out in Force at New York Fashion Week

At New York Fashion Week, PETA enlisted the help of some “fashion police” to remind people on the streets that animals suffer and die for animal-derived materials like fur, leather, and wool.

If you’d like to lay down the law and help animals used for fashion, tell Canada Goose to ditch fur and down. Then let our “How to Wear Vegan” guide help you revolutionize your wardrobe.

‘I, Calf’ Heads to Texas and Florida

These people were able to see—and feel—what it’s like to be a cow born on a dairy farm, when PETA’s traveling virtual reality experience “I, Calf” rolled into town:

PETA I, Calf demonstrations in texas and florida

Based on a true story, these viewers were placed “in the body” of a young calf whose mother secretly gave birth to twins and, remembering that farmers had taken her previous babies away, hid one of the newborns to protect him. Does this make the dairy industry sound traumatic and heartless? That’s because it is.

Protestors Urge College Campuses to End Cruel, Useless Experiments on Animals

Our impossible-to-ignore “mouse” mascot paid a visit to the University of Pittsburgh to protest cruel and pointless sepsis experiments on mice that have no applicability to humans.

You can help these animals.

And heads up! PETA paid a surprise visit to Texas A&M University (TAMU) alumni at a luncheon on campus, where the school’s president was speaking. The protesters’ message, “Close the Dog Lab”—referring to cruel muscular dystrophy experiments on dogs—was attached to a bunch of red balloons, causing it to float to the ceiling and remain out of reach but plainly in sight for the duration of the event. Check it out:

The school’s Board of Regents meeting also featured a PETA presence—something that TAMU can expect until the day these twisted experiments on dogs end.

Join us and take action to help dogs.

L.A. Gets a New ‘Not You Mom, Not Your Milk’ Mural

Artists Damon Martin and Phil America collaborated with PETA to create this powerful mural in Los Angeles. Watch it take shape:

Need help ditching dairy milk? Try one of our favorite vegan milks instead!

PETA entities worldwide are driving positive, global change for animals.

PETA France supporters installed a “cemetery” in front of Marineland Antibes in tribute to Calypso, Clovis, Kim, Betty, Kim II, Sharkan, Freya, and Valentin, orcas who died prematurely in captivity at the park.

PETA U.K. activists crashed Fashion Week events in both London and Milan to speak out against fur and angora.

Compassionate travelers in the U.K. and Germany took to the streets to try to persuade travel company Thomas Cook to stop promoting SeaWorld.

PETA India supporters urged—and continue to urge—the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay to turn its campus vegan.

Capitalizing on the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, three PETA  Asia activists, painted in gold, silver, and bronze, appeared in Seoul wearing little more than a sign encouraging folks to ditch Canada Goose’s fur-lined and down-filled coats.

And after the opening ceremony, PETA  Asia took to Twitter to speak up for all animals killed for their fur.

Motivated by all these inspiring activists?

Anything is possible when we stand together for animals. Learn how you can make a difference by joining PETA’s team:

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