The Cruelest Show on Earth

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I think that artistic people are so fantastic. But I’m even more impressed when people take their artistic talent and use it to spread a message—like “elephants never forget.” Needless to say, I was bowled over when I saw this piece by Amy Grace in Hot Springs, Arkansas:


Amy Grace


Really catches your eye, right? We were so taken with Amy’s piece that we’re sending her a Compassionate Action Award for spreading such an important message. Check out what Amy has to say:

What inspired you to create this piece?

When PETA sent out their mailing about circus elephants and I got to reading about what those animals go through. It’s so painful for me to hear about any animal suffering, and what’s happening to these poor elephants is unjust. What’s more sad is that a lot of people don’t even know what is happening, and so they pay their money to go to the circus, which only supports the injustice that is being done. I thought that with my photography and design combined, I could help to catch a little attention to bring some awareness to the issue.

Graphic design is a very powerful way to spread the message of Ringling’s cruelty to animals. How have people reacted?

So far, people have been touched by the image, I think, and some even felt inclined to have more in-depth conversations about the issue of animal rights in general—while others, I think, swept it to the side as just another “activist stunt.” If I can get through to just one person, though, then it’s a job well done. Just one person can make a big difference.

Are you into any other animal rights issues?

I am concerned for all animals and their well-being—from the animals on factory farms, to those being tested for products, to those being skinned for fur, to those being beaten and abused in their own home. I may not be able to save all of them—but I do what I can to help, in the best way I can. For me, artistic expression is what I do best, and I think it is a powerful medium that when wielded right can really catch people’s attention, open them up to compassion, and persuade them to make changes in their own small ways.

I totally agree. Leave a comment below with your favorite way to spread the animal rights message!

Written by Marta Holmberg

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