Victory: Angel’s Gate Dissolved

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UPDATE: Following the attorney general’s lawsuit, a New York court has issued an order dissolving Angel’s Gate as a so-called charity, after finding that Susan Marino “wholly mismanaged” more than $3 million in donations and even “used the donated funds to provide for many of her living expenses.” According to the court order, Marino lived in a house on the property and “the dogs paid for the heating bill.” The corporation’s property will be sold, and after its debts are paid, any remaining money is to be “directed to another animal care and protection charity.”

Published January 28, 2013:

UPDATE: The hellhole formerly known as “Angel’s Gate, Inc.,” has been shut down for good!

After PETA provided evidence that Angel’s Gate had persistently failed to comply with reporting laws for nonprofits, the New York Attorney General’s Office filed suit to dissolve Angel’s Gate for receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in donations without accounting for any of those funds, in alleged violation of state law.

The lawsuit’s settlement prohibits Angel’s Gate founder Susan Marino from caring for or harboring any animals other than her own “pets” and from being an officer or a director of an organization that holds charitable funds for 10 years. The settlement also requires that Angel’s Gate provide all outstanding financial reports. The documents are to be closely examined to determine whether the money that well-meaning people sent to the organization was ever actually used to help animals or instead was misused.

PETA’s undercover investigation of the Delaware County, New York, facility found shocking, systemic, severe, and fatal neglect of ailing and debilitated animals—but now, no animal will ever suffer again at Angel’s Gate, as Tuxie, Malcolm, Scrappy, Mimi, Casey, Marley, Lexus, and countless others did over the years.

Originally posted on November 7th, 2012:

There’s some good news to report about the criminal prosecution of Angel’s Gate founder Susan Marino on cruelty-to-animals charges following PETA’s undercover investigation of the misery-filled hoarder warehouse, which posed as a “hospice and rehabilitation center.” On November 7, Kortright, New York, Town Justice Yvonne Pagillo prohibited Marino from having any animals for six months, during which time the case is adjourned.

Since August 29, Marino and Angel’s Gate have been banned from taking in any more animals or contributions, thanks to a lawsuit brought against them by the New York State Attorney General’s Office. Let’s hope the lawsuit’s resolution shuts down Angel’s Gate for good and that this hellhole’s finances will be gone through with a fine-tooth comb for evidence of misuse of charitable funds.

Angel’s Gate is not the only hellhole at which PETA investigators found suffering, death, and cruel conditions. Caboodle Ranch, Inc., was also a self-proclaimed “sanctuary” with a website that gives well-meaning people a false impression. Please help ensure that not another hard-earned dollar goes to cause, not relieve, animal suffering by urging the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to cancel the ability of Caboodle Ranch to solicit contributions.

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