21 Reasons Chaining Should Be Banned: Meet Some Dogs PETA Helped in 2021

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The chained dogs PETA fieldworkers meet and help often spend their entire lives isolated and alone. They’re forced to watch as life passes them by without love, companionship, respect, exercise, or even, in many cases, basic necessities like healthy food, clean water, adequate shelter, and veterinary care. All dogs should be treated as a beloved member of the family, not shackled outside and left to languish. This is why, by providing “backyard dogs” with a lightweight tie-out to replace a heavy chain, warm straw bedding, and a toy to brighten their day—or ideally, even securing a new life for them indoors with a loving family—PETA will always keep “breaking the chain” of neglect and abuse.

Meet 21 of the thousands of chained dogs PETA helped in 2021:

1. Pancake

Pancake was abandoned and left chained (along with Sharon, below, and a third dog) after her owner died of COVID-19 in January—but then PETA flipped the script. See her living the sweet life at last:

2. Sharon

Sharon was chained along with Pancake on a property that PETA fieldworkers had been visiting since 2018. If not for our regular visits and care, they surely would have died.

Sharon before

When we finally secured the dogs’ relinquishment in July, a PETA fieldworker who was dedicated to this sad case welcomed Sharon into her home. This sweet pup now enjoys the comforts of life as an indoor dog with a family that includes other PETA adoptees.

Once Tethered Outside, Sharon Now Enjoys Life Indoors With Other PETA-Rescued Pups
Sharon after, with her new guardian

3. King

You can be the reason why lonely “backyard dogs” like King wag their tails, when you donate a toy to PETA’s field team. This sweet, goofy boy didn’t seem to mind the straw bedding or much-deserved TLC that our fieldworkers gave him, either.

21 Times PETA ‘Broke the Chain’ for Dogs in 2021

4. Lady

Lady had been chained amid trash, without any shelter to protect her from the elements …

21 Times PETA ‘Broke the Chain’ for Dogs in 2021
Lady before

… until our fieldworkers gave her a new wooden doghouse:

21 Chained Dogs Helped by PETA in 2021
Lady after

5. Baby Boy

This PETA fieldworker checks on Baby Boy, who is chained outdoors outside 24/7, and gives him as much companionship as possible every chance she gets.

21 Chained Dogs Helped by PETA in 2021
Baby Boy loves this PETA fieldworker, and the feeling is mutual.

6. Baby Boy

Not to be confused with the dog above, this Baby Boy is also almost always at the end of a tether—except when PETA fieldworkers stop by to check on him and give him lots of love and attention.

21 Chained Dogs Helped by PETA in 2021
Like the other Baby Boy, this one receives lots of care during the field team’s regular visits.

7. Midnight

Over the summer, PETA staff and volunteers were busy helping dogs like Midnight during the increasingly hot weather, ensuring that they had shelter, basic necessities, and lots of toys and pats.

Daphna with dog Midnight
Midnight and a PETA staffer

8. Snoop

After years of visits and persistence by PETA fieldworkers, Snoop is no longer condemned to a lonely existence tethered outside.

21 Chained Dogs Helped by PETA in 2021
Snoop before

We transferred him to the Virginia Beach SPCA in Virginia, one of our partner shelters, where he was adopted.

21 Chained Dogs Helped by PETA in 2021
Snoop with his new guardians

9. Psycho

Our determination also paid off when we secured relinquishment of fieldworker favorite Psycho, who couldn’t possibly have been given a less appropriate name. This young dog had been chained his whole life until we transferred him to the Virginia Beach SPCA for a chance at adoption.

21 Chained Dogs Helped by PETA in 2021
Psycho before

10. Brooklyn

As temperatures rose dangerously during spring and early summer, PETA kept helping animals like Brooklyn, ensuring that they had access to fresh water, food, and shade.

21 Chained Dogs Helped by PETA in 2021
Brooklyn and a PETA fieldworker

11. Blackie

PETA’s field team made sure that Blackie had access to food, water, shelter, and shade, too.

21 Chained Dogs Helped by PETA in 2021
A PETA fieldworker shows Blackie (on his PETA-provided lightweight tie-out) some affection.

12. Blue

We spayed Blue and even provided her with transport to and from our mobile clinic for free!

21 Chained Dogs Helped by PETA in 2021
Blue with her grateful owner

13. G

G was kept in an often wet, muddy spot in the backyard, with inadequate shelter …

G before

… but then PETA stepped in. With his owner’s consent, we moved him to a drier spot in the yard and provided him with a free, sturdy doghouse.

G after

14. Bigfoot

Once upon a time, Bigfoot was chained outdoors …

Bigfoot before

… but thanks to the PETA fieldworkers who rescued him and the Norfolk SPCA in Virginia, he got the “happily ever after” that every dog deserves.

Bigfoot with his new loving guardian

15. Roxy

We also helped find a loving home for Roxy, who was previously kept chained outdoors.

Roxy before

After months of medical treatment, she became heartworm-free—and she now lives the good life with her adoring new family.

Roxy with her new guardian and a new toy to play with

16. Buddy

This isn’t how you treat a buddy:

Buddy was once chained and alone.

This is how you treat a buddy:

After being rescued by PETA fieldworkers, this Chihuahua is cherished and adored by his new guardians.

17. DJ

We gave a new wooden doghouse to DJ, who was chained outside without shelter in near-freezing temperatures.

DJ before

We rushed to provide him with a sturdy, insulated, custom-built doghouse and transported him to and from the clinic for a free neuter surgery.

DJ after

18. Snowball

After many visits and much persistence, Snowball’s owner agreed to let us have this young dog, who was being kept tied up outside.

Snowball before

We transferred her to the Norfolk SPCA, where she was quickly adopted.

Snowball with her new loving guardians

19. Puppies

After spotting these puppies tangled up in chains, our field team persuaded their owners to surrender them and let us transfer them to a local shelter for a chance at adoption into a safe, loving, indoor home.

These puppies’ chains were hopelessly tangled when PETA fieldworkers first found them.

20. Precious

An elderly woman contacted PETA for a doghouse for her newly acquired pit bull puppy, Precious. We talked to her about dogs’ needs, and she let us help Precious find an indoor home, transferring the sweet girl to the Virginia Beach SPCA for adoption.

Precious tethered in her former owner’s yard

21. Pebbles

We transported Pebbles for free to and from her no-cost spay appointment.

Pebbles after her free spay surgery


These 21 (technically 22) individuals are only a few of the countless neglected dogs and other animals helped by PETA in 2021. We also helped Samson, Oscar, Oreo, Luna the chinchilla, and others find safe, loving homes—and these rescues were possible because of kind people like you:

With your help, we can make 2022 the kindest year yet for dogs and all other animals! Learn more about the ways PETA fieldworkers make the world a more compassionate place for companion animals by watching Breaking the Chain for free on Prime Video:

And discover more about lifesaving tethering bills and bans:

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