How to Manage Stress and Stay Energized—Because Animals Need You!

Feeling overwhelmed? We’ve all been there. When you need extra encouragement, try one of these ideas from PETA staffers.

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Cat ‘Auntie’ Reveals What Your Cat Is Really Thinking

What do cats really want more than catnip? This new book by the president of PETA answers that question and others.

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Experimenters Fed Puppies’ Heads to Infected Flies, but That’s Not All Fauci’s NIH Funded

Fauci’s reported tests in which puppies’ heads were locked in cages with hungry, infected sandflies are just the tip of the iceberg: At NIH, the rot runs deep and it goes to the top.

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Here’s How You Can Help ‘Save the Whales’—Don’t Eat Fish!

PETA is relaunching the campaign that helped derail commercial whaling—but our “Save the Whales” mission is taking on an even bigger threat.

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Ringling’s Animal-Free Comeback Sends a Powerful Industry Message: Cruelty Has No Place in Circuses

Forced out of the animal exploitation business, Ringling Bros. had two choices: reinvent itself or fold. And with one notable change, the company may just come out on (the big) top.

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Bigotry begins when categories such as race, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or species are used to justify discrimination.

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One Person’s ‘Trash’ Could Be Your Treasure

Oscar the kitten is no grouch—all he wants is a couch to call his own.

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Does California Law Shield Wildfire Arsonists From Cruelty-to-Animals Charges?

Countless animals suffer and die in arson wildfires. Here’s how animal protection laws in California are failing these victims.

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Scalded, Drowned, Dehydrated: Incompetence Kills Animals at OHSU

Federal records reveal ongoing incompetence and negligence inside Oregon Health & Science University’s laboratories, and PETA is calling for an end to it.

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Pigs Aren’t Spare Parts! PETA Slams Latest Organ ‘Transplant’ Stunt as Junk Science

Pigs aren’t spare parts and should never be used as such just because humans are too self-centered to donate their bodies to patients desperate for organ transplants.

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After Runaway Zebra Dies in Illegal Trap, Breeder Is Charged With Animal Cruelty

The matter is as black and white as a zebra’s stripes: Zebras don’t want to be held in roadside zoos or used in traveling acts, nor should they be.

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Don’t Be Fooled by the Name—Why ‘Animal Haven’ Zoo Is a Hellhole

After receiving a tip from PETA, the feds cited Animal Haven Zoo in Wisconsin for several violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act. Here’s what they found.

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Vivisectors’ Russian Roulette: The History of the Polio Vaccine

University of Washington primate experimenters like to take credit for medical progress to justify their cruel practices, but the history of the polio vaccine doesn’t back up their claims.

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Tulsa Residents Receive Free Vegan Burgers at PETA’s Food Justice Event

Rev. Dr. Robert Turner teamed up with PETA to give away nutritious food to raise awareness of food injustice. Learn how you can join the fight.

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PETA’s Field Team Gives Three Little Pigs and Other Animals a Fairytale Ending

You’ve heard the story of the three little pigs. Watch our fieldworkers rescue three real-life pigs kept 24/7 in a cramped, flooded pen—and meet a few other animals PETA helped this summer.

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Don’t Roll the Dice: All Animals at SeaQuest Las Vegas Are Unlucky

Animals at SeaQuest Las Vegas have bitten employees, died from drowning, and been seriously injured after escaping while being transported in the back of an open-bed pickup truck.

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